Monday, June 10th, 2019

GOOD MORNING SHERWOOD HIGH is Monday, June 10th, and we’re on a Regular Schedule.

  • The end of the school year rapidly approaching which means it's time to get excited about the summer assignment for AP Chemistry! That's right, if you foretasted to take AP Chemistry next year you will need to go to room W34 to get your summer assignment from Mr. Leitch. There you will get the details on the assignment and how to complete it.

  • Attention 2019-2020 AP Photo students, we have an informational meeting today at 3:00pm for equipment check out for summer.
    Please come Rohr's room, E12.

  • Attention all athletes interested in competing in Cross Country this fall. We will have a short informational meeting in Mr. Kilian's Portable, P3 Today. You can come to the meeting after school at 2:57pm or drop by between classes to pick up info.

  • All school lockers, PE lockers and team room lockers must be cleaned out by Wednesday at noon. Please remove all personal locks as well. Any personal items, sports equipment, or clothes will be donated. Check your locker even if you think it is empty.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 11th, we’ll be on a Finals Schedule.  Have a mindful Monday, Sherwood High School!