School Closure Information

FlashAlert Test: Every year FlashAlert sends out a reminder to all subscribers that have not logged
into their account in the past year, to alert them that if they do not login within a specified time, their
email address may be removed from the subscription list. This email reminder was sent last month (September 2014) as part of the FlashAlert system’s effort to reduce ‘bad’ emails and eliminate profiles of inactive users
(some of you may have received this message). What this means for SSD, is that some of our parent,
staff or community subscribers may not have updated their profiles when prompted; therefore, their
account could have been eliminated and they would not be alerted by our District Office should an
emergency message be sent via FlashAlert (such as an inclement weather closure).

We are scheduling a test FlashAlert message to all public subscribers on October 30, 2014, at 2:00 pm.
This test will be conducted for the purpose of testing our messaging procedure, but to also provide an
opportunity for parents, staff and key communicators to learn the status of their accounts. They will
need to update/register their FlashAlert account if they do NOT receive the alert at 2:00pm on October

Please CLICK HERE for more information or to sign up for FlashAlert.