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How to use the NOOK

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Using the NOOK to read books checked out from the public library (Washington County Library System)

Use the link to get to the instructions for Library2Go to check a book out from the lending library. Then follow the instructions from Barnes and Noble below to get the book you checked out onto the NOOK.


From Barnes and Noble

How to download library ebooks

Necessary software and authorization:

1. Download the Adobe Digital Editions software from:

2. Open Adobe Digital Editions. It should prompt you to create an Adobe account or to login to your existing account and then to authorize your computer as one of your five devices. Follow the click through path to authorize the device.

3. Attach your nook to your computer via USB which ADE is open. ADE will prompt you to authorize your NOOK. Follow the click through path to authorize the device.

To search for library titles:

1. Go to your local library’s website or search for a particular library online. You can search for library websites that contain ebook content from Overdrive’s website at Searching by zip code will give you public libraries that have eBook content within 100 miles of the zipcode.

2. Once you are the library’s eBook site, you will need a library card/account in order to checkout eBooks.

3. Once logged in, you can search for titles in the following ways

  • Entering title/keywords in the search bar
  • Browse by format
  • Browse by subject

4. eBook titles will appear with format specific indicators (i.e. PDF or ePub) and with icons to display what devices it can be downloaded to. (Note there is not a way to directly put it on your eReader device, which is why you need to use Adobe Digital Editions)

5. When trying borrow an eBook title from the library, there will be two options. The option name varies from library to library but they have the same idea. For this guide, I will use New York Public Library’s terms and format, which is to request the item or add the item to your eList
  • eList is adding the items to your account “queue” in order to “check out” the title. “Check out” means downloading it to the location on the PC that Adobe Digital Editions is authorized on.
  • Requesting an item – The title that you select might be checked out already by another individual. You can put a request for the title and the library will email you when the title becomes available to borrow.

What to do with the title:

1. Once you have checked out a title from your local library, download it to your computer. Once you hit the download button, the file that you will be prompted to download is a “.acsm” file.

2. Click open and the file will open up in ADE and refresh your library with new content. The title will display the amount of days you have left in the loan period. You can also save the .acsm file to your PC and open the file in ADE.

3. Go to the library view. Drag the title to the “NOOK” icon.

4. Undock the NOOK from your computer.

5. In the Library, open My Documents.

6. The title should be available to be read for the period of time specified by the library.