Sherwood High School
Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
Sherwood, Oregon


Article I - Name, Purpose, Mission

Section 1:       Name. The name of the organization, corporation shall be Sherwood High School Parent Advisory Council (SHS PAC).      

Section 2:        This Corporation shall be organized and operated exclusively for charitable, scientific, literary and educational purposes. Subject to the limitations stated in the Articles of Incorporation, the purpose of this corporation shall be to engage in any lawful activities, none of which are for profit, for which corporations may be organized under Chapter 65 of the Oregon Revised Statutes (or its corresponding future provisions) and Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (or its corresponding future provisions).

Section 3:        Purpose and MissionThe Sherwood High School PAC primary purpose and mission shall be to establish a parent, teacher and school staff working relationship to enhance the school community and learning environment within Sherwood High School; and to support Sherwood High School students, teachers, school staff and programs through volunteer and fundraising efforts.

Article II - Membership, Voting

Section 1:        Members.  Membership shall consist of parents and legal guardians of Sherwood High School students.

Section 2:        Voting.  Each member shall be entitled to one vote of all matters for which a membership is permitted by law, the Articles of Incorporation, or the bylaws of this corporation.

Article III - Meetings

Section 1:        Annual Meeting.  A meeting shall be held annually for the purpose of electing PAC Officers. The Executive Committee shall set the date, time and place of the Annual Meeting.

Section 2:        Monthly Meetings:  PAC Meetings shall be held at least once a month during the school year in order to conduct PAC Business. The Executive Committee shall set the date, time, and place of the Monthly Meetings.

Section 3:        Meeting Notice.  Notice of each meeting shall be given to the Members of the PAC at least 10 days in advance.

Section 4:        Quorum and Voting.  Those votes represented at a meeting of members and two-thirds of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. A majority of vote of the members voting is the act of the members, unless these bylaws or the law provide differently. The Executive Committee may deem an issue time-sensitive and call for a vote of the Executive Board via telephone, text or email.

Article IV - Executive Committee

Section 1:        Committee Duties.  The Executive Committee shall manage the affairs of the PAC. The Executive Committee is responsible for overall policy and direction of the PAC.

Section 2:        Committee Officers.  The Executive Committee will consist of all elected PAC Officers. The Executive Committee shall have up to nine (9) and no fewer than five (5) PAC officers. The Executive Committee receives no compensation.

Section 3:        Committee Meetings.  The Executive Committee shall meet at least monthly, at an agreed upon date, time, and place.

Section 4:            Special Committee Meetings.  Special Meetings of the Executive Committee shall be called upon the request of the President or one-third of the Executive Committee. Special meetings of the Executive Committee shall be held at the time and place to be determined by the Executive Committee. 
Notice of such meetings, describing the date, time, and place and purpose of the meeting shall be delivered to each officer personally, by telephone or e-mail not less than two days prior to the special meeting.

Section 5:        Committee Quorum and Voting.  An Executive Committee quorum shall be two-thirds of elected officers. If a quorum is present, action is taken by a majority vote of officers present.

Section 6:        Voting.  There shall be no more than nine voting officers serving on the Executive Committee. The Principal of the school shall serve as a member of the Executive Committee, however, will serve as a non-voting member. 
Permanent voting officer members of the Executive Council shall consist of President, Vice President, Vice President of Volunteer Support, Secretary and Treasurer.

Article V - Officers

Section 1:        Elections.  Nomination of officers will occur as the first item of business at the monthly meeting preceding the Annual Meeting. Ballots are to be made available to all PAC Members within 2 weeks prior to the Annual Meeting and are due back to the Sherwood High School PAC at least one week prior to the Annual Meeting. Ballots will be counted by no fewer than three members of the outgoing Executive Committee. The candidates for office will be invited to attend the ballot counting.

Section 2:        Terms.  All Officers shall serve 1-year terms from July 1st to June 30th, and are eligible for re-election.

Section 3:        Officers and Duties.

                    President.  The President shall create the agenda for Annual, Monthly and Executive Committee meetings, facilitate PAC meetings, be responsible for PAC communications, act as a liaison with the school principal and administration, support the Vice Presidents and school activities, and provide newsletter updates.

                    Vice President.  The Vice President shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President. Become President in the event that the President resigns, moves, etc. Schedule guest speakers for meetings. Support the President.

                    Vice President of Volunteer Support.  Collects, organizes, and manages volunteer forms and data. Appoints Coordinators for volunteer committees. Maintains volunteer staffing needs for SHS. Provides support for Coordinators and PAC Committees throughout the year.

                    Secretary.  Writes correspondence, records and posts minutes for meetings, maintains archive of meeting minutes and distributes PAC Mail.

                    Treasurer.  Maintains bookkeeping of PAC funds and annual budget. Reports monthly status of funds in PAC banking accounts. Reports bi-annually on the execution of the annual budget. Treasurer will serve as the Finance/Budget Committee Chair.

Section 4:        Vacancies.  When a vacancy on the Executive Committee exists, nominations for new members may be received from present Executive
Committee members. The Executive Committee will then vote on these nominations in order to fill the vacancy.  These vacancies will be filled only to the end of the vacated Executive Committee member's term.

Section 5:        
Resignation, Termination and Absences.  Resignation from the Executive Committee must be in writing and received by either the Secretary or the President. An Executive Committee member shall be dropped for excess absences from the Executive Committee if s/he  has three unexcused absences from Executive Committee meetings in a year. An Executive Committee member may be removed for reasons by a two-thirds vote of the remaining Executive Committee members.

Article VI - Committees

Section 1:        Committees.  The Executive Committee may create committees as needed. Volunteers from the PAC membership will be requested to serve as Committee Chairpersons.

Section 2:        Finance/Budget Committee.  PAC will annually establish a Finance/Budget Committee. The committee will consists of the Treasurer, one (1) Executive Committee member, one (1) SHS administration representative and at least one (1) member from the general PAC membership. The Treasurer will serve as the committee chair. Committee members will be selected in the spring and will serve for one year. Committee will be responsible for development of the PAC annual budget, budget execution and fiscal procedures.

Section 3:        Class Activities Committees.  Class Committees are made up of members of the general PAC with an emphasis on activities that pertain to one specific class level.

                    Senior Class Activities Committee Chair.  Serves as the Chairperson for all Senior activities. Acts as liaison to the SHS Activities Director. Assists other officers and performs duties as assigned by the President.

                    Junior Class Activities Committee Chair.  Serves as the Chairperson for all Junior activities. Act as a liaison to the SHS Activities Director. Assists other officers and performs duties as assigned by the President.       

                    Sophomore Class Activities Committee Chair.  Serves as the Chairperson for all Sophomore activities. Acts as liaison to the SHS Activities Director. Assists other officers and performs duties as assigned by the President.

                    Freshman Class Activities Committee Chair.  Serves as the Chairperson for all Freshman activities. Act as a liaison to the SHS Activities Director.  Assists other officers and performs duties as assigned by the President. Acts as liaison to Middle School PAC and parents.

VII - PAC Budget and Finance Operations

Section 1:        Fiscal Year.  The PAC fiscal year shall be the school year, 1 July to 30 June.

Section 2:        Annual Budget.  The Finance/Budget Committee will develop the annual budget for the upcoming school year during the spring. The committee will present the budget for approval to the PAC Executive Board at the Annual PAC meeting. The general membership will be allowed to discuss and recommend amendments during the committee's presentation.

Section 3:        Audits.  PAC Treasurer will audit at least quarterly all PAC fundraising records. PAC President will audit quarterly all PAC bank accounts and support records.

Section 4:        Finance Reports.  PAC Treasurer will report monthly the status of funds in all PAC banking accounts. Monthly the Treasurer will report on the execution of the annual budget. The report will provide information pertaining to all sources of income and expenses, and PAC programs/event balances.

Section 5:        Checking Account(s) and Check Writing.  PAC Treasurer will maintain all the PAC banking accounts and supporting records. Treasurer will only make payment for PAC expenses when supported by an approved Purchase Order or Request for Reimbursement. The PAC Treasurer is authorized to process checks for amounts up to $100. President or Secretary must countersign checks if the amount exceeds $100.

Article IIX - Amendments  Amendments to the bylaws may be proposed at any regular, Executive or Annual meeting. The proposed amendment(s) must be presented in writing to the presiding officer and made available for review to all members. Passage of any amendment requires a two-thirds approval vote by the Executive Committee and Committee Chairs.

Article IX - Dissolution of Assets  In the event of dissolution of this Corporation, all assets remaining after payment of the obligations and liabilities of the Corporation shall be distributed to one or more associations or corporations which themselves are exempt as organizations described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Distribution of assets require a two-thirds approval vote by the Executive Committee.