Youth Transition Program (YTP) is a comprehensive transition program for youth with disabilities operated collaboratively by the Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR), the Oregon Department of Education (ODE), the University of Oregon (U of O), and Sherwood High School. 

All students in the program receive a comprehensive pattern of service designed to address a broad array of transition needs. SHS YTP Goals:

1.YTP students will obtain their first paid part-time job, and keep it for a minimum of 90 days.  

2.YTP students will find a career pathway of choice, and map out the post-secondary education and/or training needed to reach their career goals. 

3. YTP students will attend at least 1 job fair of their interest. 

4. YTP students will attend at least 1 School to Work opportunity provided by Washington County Chamber of Commerce.  

5. YTP students will participate in at least 3 job shadows in careers of their interest. 

6. YTP students will participate in at least 1 internship that matches their career interests. 

YTP Students Must...
  • Be 16-21 years of age
  • Have a documented disability 
  • Be motivated to obtain paid employment
  • Have the ability to work independently with reasonable accommodations
  • Have regular attendance to school and work activities
  • Fully participate in YTP activities, with reasonable accommodations 
  • Must adhere all rules and responsibilities of being a YTP student, which includes following a business casual dress code.  

YTP is a privilege available to students, and is not an IDEA entitled program. Sherwood High School's YTP is funded by a grant through the Oregon Office of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (VR). In order to enroll in YTP, students, with the assistance of the YTP Specialist, must complete a VR application, and attend a VR intake appointment.

NOTE: All YTP students become clients of OVRSbut a young adult with a disability that is an impediment to employment does not have to be served by YTP in order to become a client of OVRS. If you are trying to figure out if YTP is a proper fit, please contact the YTP Transition Specialist.


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