Sherwood High School Band

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Brant Stai
Sherwood High School Band Director

SHS Band Handbook 2017-2018

Performance Dates 2017-2018 – Concert & Jazz Bands

Bowmen Band Proficiencies – Woodwinds, Brass and Percussion

Concert Band Proficiencies – Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion

Wind Ensemble Proficiencies List – Woodwinds, Brass Percussion

Proficiency Timeline

  1. October 2nd
  2. October 23rd
  3. November 13th
  4. December 11th
  5. January 16th
  6. February 5th
  7. March 5th – (Solo & Ensemble Recital Recording)
  8. April 9th
  9. April 23rd (Concert & Bowmen Bands Only)
  10. May 14th (Concert & Bowmen Bands Only)

Here is the link for the SEF volunteer sign-up

Here is the link for the SEF phone script we will be using