Brant Stai, Director



Welcome to the Sherwood High School Band family! By joining the band you have dedicated yourself to an outstanding organization committed to excellence through performance. Our band has a tradition of excellence that you have committed to being a part of, and in doing so you will have some of the most powerful experiences of your entire life; make lasting friendships; learn the value of teamwork, discipline, hard work; and create beautiful music in the process. Your experiences in band will be: Concert Band rehearsals and performances, Music Festivals, Trips, Auditioned Honor Bands, Solo and Ensemble Performances, and Parades. These activities are included in the high school experience and are enough to keep anyone busy.


This manual is intended to answer most questions that may arise. Because there are several musical teams within our band family, this handbook sets some specific parameters and guidelines to that we can all work together better and make the best music possible. Ultimately though, the most important attributes that you can contribute is desire, a good attitude, and determination. 


Because our band program is in a constant motion of rehearsal and performance on a grand scale, the majority of the day to day operational info is located on our band webpage at Please subscribe so that you can receive information as it becomes available. This handbook is designed to provide the foundation for all that we do and accomplish in our band program. We are excited to welcome you to the Sherwood High School Band, enjoy it!




A Sherwood Musician…

1.       Loves to play music.

2.       Seeks ways to be more expressive and musical.

3.       Takes the art of performing seriously.

4.       Takes the art of rehearsal seriously & actively participates.

5.       Makes improvement every rehearsal.

6.       Is devoted to practice (At least 5 times per week).

7.       Treats fellow musicians, guests, and teachers with courtesy and respect.

8.       Leads By Example

9.       Gives Best Effort Always

10.   Listens Actively

11.   Is Honest

12.   Is Thankful

13.   Demonstrates Good Stewardship

14.   Helps Others





Check out our calendar dates on our google band calendar link on our band webpage





All grading will reflect each student’s proficiency in their performance. Proficiencies are set to meet the performance and musical goals of the Sherwood HS Band Program. A detailed curricular proficiency list with corresponding due dates is posted on each band’s respective page found at There is a grading rubric for each content area specified in the standards.  Students will work toward proficiency in each content area.

Grading for all courses consist of 3 specific categories:

·         Playing Test Proficiencies – 16 Points Each

o    Set proficiencies for each term will be completed by due date.

o    Each proficiency is connected to a music standard.

o    Students have two weeks to improve upon a proficiency score (optional).

o    Playing test proficiencies are to be recorded electronically by the student to email directly to Mr. Stai at by 7am on the due date.

·         Performance Proficiency Rubric – 50 Points Each

o    Student will be evaluated based on the concert performance rubric.

o    Student will not receive credit for any missed performance that are not excused

·         Rehearsal Proficiency Rubric – 50 Points Each

o    One rehearsal rubric will be filled out every 5-6 weeks by each student. Mr. Stai will review each student’s rubric and finalize the score.






Sherwood High School Band Proficiencies 2016-2017


Percussion Playing Tests:

A)     Timing

B)      Rhythm

C)      Control & Technique

D)     Quality of Sound




































Rehearsal, Concert, & Playing Test Proficiencies Rubrics can be located on the band website at Due to formatting limitations, they were excluded from this handbook. You can also contact Mr. Stai for an extra copy for reference.


Character Traits are not graded but are common societal & team values that our ensembles espouses and works toward. Through better character we work better together, create finer music, and play a more positive role in our community.






As a member of the Sherwood High School Band, you will be a member of one of the most exciting and entertaining band programs in the area. The Marching Band has set a standard of excellence that you as a member have a responsibility to uphold. To be a successful member of the SHS band you must have the motivation, desire, and willingness to put in the time and energy to continue this success. Remember the three P’s.


1.            Punctual

·         Be at every event

·         Show up at performer call time


2.            Prepared

·         Have everything you need for class or rehearsal including a pencil, your instrument, mouthpiece, music, dot book, all uniform parts, quality reeds, proper lubrication for your instrument, proper attire & shoes, mutes, etc.


3.            Positive

·         Be mentally and emotionally prepared to learn.

·         Have a positive attitude and be willing to try new things.

·         Follow the chain of command (see the band handbook) and bring problems to Mr. Stai’s attention.

·         Treat the band as a family, respect authority and work together.

·         Have fun!!





Attendance is extremely important. While we understand that you have many responsibilities and other activities, band needs to be high in your order of priorities. You have a responsibility to yourself and the people around you to be at rehearsal and performance on time and prepared to play.


  • Rehearsal schedules are posted well in advance and stream lined as much as possible.
  • We rehearse to improve ourselves & our ensemble musical product. We do not rehearse for the sake of rehearsal.
  • Unavoidable absences will occur but are to be limited if at all possible.
  • Scheduled absences (appointments) are to be avoided during stated rehearsal times. Remember rehearsals are your job.
  • The start time for rehearsal is when we intend to start. Plan to be at least 15 minutes early, have your equipment ready and be in your place ready to begin at the call time.
  • Please keep in mind that employers are required by federal and state laws to allow students to miss work for school related activities. Show your boss your band schedule as soon as possible and bring questions to the band directors.




Band Director Approved Absences for after School Rehearsal

  • Emergencies. The band director should be informed before rehearsal if possible.

Typical Emergencies: Illness, Death in the Family, etc.

  • An approved activity where the band director has had 2 weeks prior notice.

Typical Approved Activities: Scheduled Appointment, Religious Holiday, School related activity conflict, Private Lessons, etc.


Typical Absences NOT Excused

  • Non-School Related Activities like Scouts, Club Sports, etc.
  • Homework
  • Concerts
  • Over Slept
  • Forgot
  • No ride




Excuse Notes

Excuse notes should include the following:

·         Name of the Student

·         Date of the Absence

·         If you will attend part of the event, time of departure from or arrival to the event

·         Reason the absence is excusable. (Be specific)





  • 1 unexcused absence from rehearsal
    • The student must practice at school before or after school for a minimum of the time missed within 5 school days or they will miss the next performance – the student will lose their marching spot.
  • 2 unexcused absences from rehearsal
    • In addition to the above, the student will be put on probation, and is not allowed to attend the next performance.
  • Further unexcused absences from rehearsal
    • In addition to the above, further unexcused absences will result in a parent conference and possible removal from the Band program.
  • Unexcused absence for a performance
    • Not attending a performance will be immediate grounds for dismissal from the program. A conference with the student and parent will be scheduled to discuss the student’s future in the program.



Excused absences must be made up by documented practice outside of their regular practice time for the amount of time missed or they will be made into unexcused absences.





It is in the best interest of the band and the student to incorporate a known chain of command. This following system eliminates most confusion, coordination and communication issues.


  • Band Director
  • Hired Staff
  • Parent Volunteers
  • Drum Majors
  • Section Leaders and Group Leaders
  • Seniors
  • Juniors
  • Sophomores
  • Freshman





Follow the chain of command. You are expected to cooperate fully with band directors, staff members, and student leaders. Treat them with the respect they have earned, because someday, hopefully, you too will be in a position of leadership and desire that respect. Most mistakes are made from not listening to instructions.  It is the responsibility of the student leadership to relay important information and make sure instructions are fully understood by their section or group. Do not put people down for asking questions, they ask questions because they want to improve.



All members must meet the following requirements for participation:

·         Be a student that is currently enrolled at Sherwood High School, be home-schooled, or in a school that does not offer band.

·         Have all music and listed skills prepared for all rehearsals

·         Grade requirements are as follows:

o    Members must currently be passing and able to maintain grades in all classes.  Grades will be checked on a regular basis.  Members are not eligible to perform if they do not meet the following requirements:

o    Minimum GPA of 2.0

o    No “F” grades

o    Marching Band, Jazz Band I, and Wind Ensemble members must be current on their Career Credit and passing Advisory in order to be eligible to perform in competitions. There is a 5-day turnaround from completion of an assignment and it is input into Naviance.

·         Failure to meet grade requirements which lead to a missed performance will be grounds for immediate and permanent dismissal from the band.

·         Never previously quit or have been dismissed from the team mid-season.

·         Knowledge of commitment, all practices, camp dates, fees and team expectations. 

·         Have a good attitude, and be ready to learn, perform, play music and have fun!




You will be expected to follow the SHS handbook guidelines for conduct at all times. All items, including but not limited to the following, will be expected of band students at all rehearsals, performances, and other band functions. Violations of such codes of conduct will result in the same consequences as with any other school activity.


Use of Tobacco, Alcohol, or Illegal Drugs will result in severe punishment and probable removal from the band program. Violations will be referred to the HS administration and law enforcement authorities.


The Dress Code applies to all band activities. See REQUIRED ITEMS for more information on dress. Public Displays of Affection are not permitted during any band function.



Only band students are allowed in the following places:

  • The Band Room
  • The Uniform Room
  • Practice Rooms
  • On Busses
  • The Band Practice Field
  • Rehearsals
  • Football/Basketball games


Rehearsal Etiquette

  • Talking during band rehearsal is unacceptable unless absolutely necessary. Use good professional judgement.
  • Every student should have a pencil at all times and use it frequently.
  • Moving about during rehearsal should only occur when absolutely necessary.
  • Only specified leaders are able to give instructions or corrections, if there is a problem raise your hand – follow the chain of command (see above).


Concert Etiquette (Audience)

  • No talking during a bands performance.
  • Be seated prior to the beginning and stay there throughout the performance.
  • Do not sing along with the music.
  • Do not shuffle paper or move about a great deal during a band’s performance.
  • Give applause when appropriate.
  • If you arrive late to a concert, stand by the door and wait for the current piece to end to take a seat.


Performance Etiquette

  • Performers should sit up and look professional throughout the performance.
  • Performers should refrain from talking while on stage.
  • Performers should wear their full uniform for the entire concert, even before and after performance – including jacket fully zipped, suspenders up, hat on or held correctly etc. at marching contests, etc. at concerts.
  • Shoes, socks, undershirts, underclothes, etc. must match the uniform style, be “dressy” and appropriate for public performance.
  • Students are representatives of the school and the band program whenever they are in uniform, partial uniform, or a band shirt and must conduct themselves accordingly.
  • Do not eat or drink anything but water while in uniform unless specific permission has been given.


Bus Etiquette

  • When riding the bus, stay seated.
  • Students should wait until told before getting up or leaving the bus.
  • Buses should be clean, free of trash, and left in the same condition as they were.
  • You must be in full uniform coming onto or getting off of the bus


Football/Basketball Game Etiquette

  • It is OK to talk in the stands but stay attentive and be ready to play at any time.
  • We move together into the stands before a football game.
  • It is unacceptable to change seats or move around the stands during a game.

·         It is encouraged that band members cheer and support the team during a game.

  • Never switch instruments during a game.
  • Be in full uniform throughout a game.
  • Students must stay in the band seating area throughout the game unless given permission for a bathroom break.
  • Have your own binder/flip folder or the basketball band book during a game & a stand.
  • Students are representatives of the school and the band program whenever they are in uniform, partial uniform, or a band shirt
  • Do not eat or drink anything but water while in uniform.


Marching Contest Etiquette

  • Talking during another bands marching performance is OK as long as it is done softly and is not distracting to those around you
  • It is encouraged at marching contest to clap for soloists
  • Students are representatives of the school and the band program whenever they are in uniform, partial uniform, or a band shirt.



Band is an expensive activity for the school, for the students, and for the booster club. To help students raise the necessary funds, the band does a great deal of fundraising for both the student account and the band booster club. (Please see FUNDRAISING) The following is a list of probable expenses.


Expense Type



Band Class Fee

Paid to the school. Money goes toward sheet music and festival fees.

$25 paid in the fall

Marching Fee

Paid to the school. This pays for a few required items – the band t-shirt, 2 pairs of band gloves, 1 pair of band shoes, food. The rest goes into the school marching band fund to pay for the “day-to-day” operation of the band.

$375 paid in the fall

Trip costs

If we go on a trip the other expenses (festival entry, theme park attendance, museum fees, etc.) will arise. Any long distance trip will also have lodging and transportation costs. Depending on the complexity of the trip these costs can vary greatly. The cost of the trip is divided equally among the travelers.

1 night trips approx.  $200 per person


Winter Ensembles Winter Colorguard &

Winter Percussion

Members of the band may elect to join a winter ensemble i.e. color guard or winter percussion. There will be uniform, prop construction, equipment and design/staff costs that will be passed on to the members of the ensembles.


Other Costs

If you decide to enter All-State/All-Northwest/ WIBC auditions, solo/ensemble or other individual events you will be expected to pay the entry fees of between $10 and $15 per event.

Between $10 and $15 per event

If you are unable to meet these financial obligations for band, please contact Mr. Stai. Scholarships are available for those with financial need.



  • Students will wear as a complete unit at all times when in public unless directed otherwise. Wear your uniform with pride.
  • Property of the band and must be returned after each use.
  • Students are responsible for upkeep and maintenance of your uniform and all of its parts.
  • Must be hung properly after each use.
  • If your uniform becomes dirty while in use between cleanings, or becomes excessively dirty you may be asked to pay for its cleaning or replacement.
  • Students are responsible for lost or destroyed uniforms
    • $300 for the jacket and $150 for the pants
  • Students will wear the band t-shirt under the marching uniform. The band t-shirt will be part of pre-performance inspections.
  • Students must wear approved black band shoes and black socks.
  • Students will not wear distracting jewelry, hair ribbons, colored nail polish, make-up, etc. while in uniform.
  • Students with long hair will put it up under their hat or pinned back during performances. Natural hair colors will be the only style of color accepted.
  • Consumption of food or drink is strictly forbidden while in uniform without permission.




  • Every student in the HS band program is expected to have an instrument in good working order.
  • A limited number of large or expensive instruments (Oboes, Bassoons, Large Saxes, Bass Clarinets, French Horns, Euphoniums, Tubas) are available for student use. Other instruments may be rented or purchased from a local music store for use throughout the year.
  • To use a school owned instrument you must have your own reeds and mouthpiece, and fill out a district instrument rental  form agreement.
  • All instruments require certain things that are not provided by the school to function – mouthpiece, lubrication, neck strap, sticks/mallets, etc.



School owned instruments are in effect your instrument and must be treated as such. You will be required to pay for repair or replacement of instruments beyond the normal wear and tear of the instrument.

  • All of the school owned instruments are sent for repair over the summer, the remainder will be checked out on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Repairs and replacement of instruments is very costly and time consuming, and you may end up without an instrument for a time if repairs are needed. Maintain your instrument and take every precaution to keep it in working order.




Students need to develop a routine practice regimen in order to successfully develop musicality, technique, and the overall characteristic tone of their instrument. Students are expected to practice on average 30 minutes at least five times per week. Students in Wind Ensemble need to practice at least 45 minutes per week. Students involved in Jazz Ensembles will need to practice in addition to the above requirements.






Follow these steps daily:

Long Tones tone development

  • Listen for resonance and stability
  • Breathe deeply, calmly, and in tempo. Set embouchure as you breathe and set to play.
  • Posture & Hand Position must be correct & relaxed as in performance.

Flexibility / Range

  • Brass slurs must be smooth and unstrained or restricted.
  • Maintain energy of sound with air consistency.
  • The sound quality must be consistent throughout exercise.
  • Woodwinds cover the range of the instrument.
  • Stress the fundamental notes and cover upper register daily.

Technique / Scales

  • All twelve major scales and arpeggios should be a part of every practice session.  Practice scales at a controllable tempo to maintain resonant sound.
  • Materials designed to develop technique and tone. (Clark Studies, etc.)
  • Instrumental specific skills should be included in this portion.  Examples:  Clarinets covering break, articulation, etc.

Ensemble Music

  • Concert Music – Practice: Macro-Micro-Macro, repetitive chunks, comfortable tempo, good tone/tech/musicality
  • Proficiencies
  • Challenging Warmups (if needed)




The SHS Band program has had students who were involved in every activity and sport offered. Being an active and involved student has many benefits, and we encourage students to get involved in other activities. Staying involved in activities and doing band involves a great deal of time and energy, and requires you to be proactive in anticipating conflicts.


In order to successfully be involved in many activities, you must plan ahead.

  • Notify your sponsor of the band schedule.
  • Notify the band directors of your club schedule.
  • When conflicts arise, weigh the importance of each event carefully and discuss options with both sponsors.
  • Be open and honest about your activities, and PLAN AHEAD.


While band can be quite time consuming; band students are involved in every activity on campus, they have jobs, they are among the highest performers academically, they do it – so can you. Remember it is about budgeting your time and planning. Being busy is not a bad thing.

  • The band meets every day in class.
  • All students in band must be enrolled in the class.


In the fall, the marching band begins rehearsals approximately 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the school year with rehearsals 3 to 4 hours long once or twice a day. We never rehearse on Sunday and rarely on Saturday. Once school starts the band rehearses for about 8 hours a week Monday through Friday and sometimes on Saturday through the end of contest season at the beginning of November. The band also performs at football games beginning in September running as long as the football team is in the play-offs. Once contest season is over the marching band will rehearse for about 3 hours a week until the end of the football season in November.









Prioritize:  First and foremost, to take music through your high school years … PRIORITIZE it and make up your mind you WILL find a way to take it. Then hold yourself to that priority when planning your schedule, and you will discover that you can be in a music class every semester. If you place music on your schedule FIRST each semester, and leave it there, you will quickly find there will be enough open blanks to meet your needs. Simply determine that music is important and work around it.


Plan:  Plans can change, but changing plans are better than aimless wandering. Take charge of your future by plotting out your four year course of study. Once a plan is in place, feel free to change it intelligently. Don’t make snap decisions about classes -- look at all sides of issues about classes and be flexible toward yourself. Be sure changes in your schedule meet all graduation and college entrance requirements you wish to meet. Keep copies of your plan(s) and note changes as you go.


Jazz Band and Graduation:  It is possible to graduate and take Jazz Band and Band every year of high school. This requires careful planning but does work.


Remember, you must also be in a concert band to be a member of the Jazz Band.



Wind Ensemble - The Wind Ensemble performs the most advanced wind band literature and performs at various contests and festivals throughout the winter and spring. Students who participate in the Wind Ensemble must love music and be devoted to practicing. The Wind Ensemble has extra sectional/full ensemble rehearsals throughout the course of the year. Wind Ensemble positions are auditioned in the spring of each year.


Concert Band - The Concert Band is a step up in advancement when it to comes to individual and ensemble techniques. This ensemble will explore and learns more advanced concepts and literature. This performance group is a great way to enjoy music and the band experience. This ensemble will attend at least one adjudicated music festival per year.


Bowmen Band - The Bowmen Band is the entry level concert ensemble at Sherwood HS. The ensemble that focuses on individual & ensemble techniques and advances to more competitive level literature throughout the course of the year. This performance group is a great way to enjoy music and the band experience.  The Bowmen Band is open to anyone with either prior instrumental or music reading experience.


Marching Band - The marching band program is among the best programs offered at Sherwood High School. Marching Band & Colorguard members perform at football games and marching band contests during the fall. The Marching Band & Colorguard also performs in one parade every spring. The Sherwood Marching Band is a contemporary program that features the best designers, composers, arrangers, technicians and artists in our field.


Jazz Ensemble I - Jazz Ensemble I is composed of a select group of advanced students that perform a wide variety of jazz literature. The jazz style and improvisational techniques are explored, developed and refined. The Jazz Ensemble performs at regional festivals and competitions in the winter and spring. In addition to performing standards, the jazz ensemble is always experimenting with newly composed jazz material from internationally known artists.


Jazz Ensemble II - Students in Jazz Ensemble II will perform a wide variety of jazz literature while developing basic Jazz technique. Non-traditional instruments such as flute, baritone etc… will be admitted to this group. Jazz style and improvisational techniques are explored, developed and refined. In addition to performing standards, Jazz Ensemble II is also experimenting with newly composed jazz material from internationally known artists.


Basketball Band - The Basketball Band is an ensemble composed of all members in the band program. Each band student is asked to perform in 6 home basketball games through the season. If the team makes playoffs, we will most likely be traveling to post-season venues such as Mc Arthur Court in Eugene and the Chiles Center in Portland. A rich mix of modern and classic rock, jazz, funk, and hip-hop are played throughout the game.


Sherwood Percussion Ensemble/Winter Percussion - Winter Percussion is an extra-curricular program that meets from December to late April and is open to all students pending an audition. Winter percussion brings the music and motion of marching band indoors. In addition to weekly rehearsals outside of the school day, this group travels to compete in four to five local and regional contests. Associated with this program is a no-cut youth percussion team for students, grades 6-8 in the Sherwood attendance area. This team will perform in three to four local contests each year.


Winter Winds  - Winter Winds is an extra-curricular music performance activity open to all students. There will be two auditions for the group in November. The season begins in mid-November and lasts through April, the group will rehearse after school on average three times per week. The ensemble travels to perform and compete against other ensembles in our area. There will be three to four competitive performance opportunities throughout the season.


Student Leaders


Drum Majors

  • Each year, approx. 3 students are selected to become the primary student leaders in the band. A very stringent audition process is used for their selection. The drum majors responsibilities include being the liaison between the students and the band director, field instruction, conducting the field show, and providing leadership to the band.
  • The drum majors at SHS are the executive leaders of the student leadership team and have all of the responsibilities and respect that comes with that title. Drum majors are expected to be the first at rehearsals and the last to leave, attend all staff meetings, and lead by example in every way. Only the most respected, dedicated, and talented students should try out for drum major.
  • Drum Majors are expected to attend the same approved drum major camp over the summer.


Section Leaders

  • The section leaders are student music teachers. They should be the best players on their instrument or fine player with more seniority. The section leaders, in combination with the band staff, have the final say on musical interpretation and horn carriage. Section leaders are selected by the band director based on playing ability, the respect of their peers, and experience.





  • Outstanding Brass, Woodwind, Percussion and Color Guard
  • Outstanding Rookie
  • Most Improved
  • Most Outstand Marching Band Member
  • Most Outstand Marching Colorguard Member



  • John Philip Sousa Award

It is selected by the band director among the graduating seniors and is awarded to the person who personifies the bands definition of a fine musician. They should be the best player, with the best attitude, and the most leadership ability among the band students.

  • Louis Armstrong Award

It is selected by the band director among the members of the jazz band and is awarded to the finest jazz musician who has shown leadership and a willingness to help others within the jazz band.

  • Outstanding Musician Award

Selected by the students via ballot, these are the finest players who show the best attitude and leadership ability during concert season. Two are selected for each class offered by the band department.

  • Most Improved Music Award

Selected by the students via ballot, these students have exhibited a high degree of work ethic and musical improvement. are selected for each class offered by the band department.

  • Band Service Award

Selected by the band director. This is awarded to the hardest working individual in the band program. The person who has given up the most time and effort to making sure the band program runs smoothly.






To earn a band letter, students must accumulate points. Points are given for each year of band participation. Points are added up in May and letters are awarded at the spring band Awards. To get a letter you must fill out a letter points form and turn it in. Letters may be purchased from Debi Bear for $7.


BAND LETTER POINT AWARDS (20 points for a letter, 1 per year max)


Completes One Full Year of Band          (1)     

Completes Second Full Year of Band          (3)

Completes Third Full Year of Band                   (5)                           

Completes Fourth Full Year of Band         (7)

Member of the Wind Ensemble        (3)

Member of Marching Bowmen         (3)

Leadership (Section Leader, Colorguard Captain, Drum Major)          (2)

Member of the Winter Guard or Winter Percussion          (3)

100% Attendance at Marching Rehearsals      (1)
100% Attendance at Marching Games and Contests         (2)

100% Attendance at Band Rehearsals         (1)

100% Attendance at Concert Band Contests         (2)

100% Attendance at Basketball Band games         (2)

Attendance in at least 7 games of Basketball Band (same year) ____ (1)

Audition ­for WIBC, All-State, All NW, Music in May         (1) each


Make WIBC, All-State, All NW, Music in May         (3) each

Extra Curricular Honor Group Participant (auditioned)___ (3)each

District Solo Participant         (3)

District Ensemble Participant         (2)

State Solo Participant         (6)           

Place in top 5 at State         (6)

Musical        (3)

Take Private Lessons (minimum 12 lessons in a school year)         (3)primary          (1)secondary

Give Private Lessons (minimum 12 lessons in a school year)         (1)

Participate in fundraising events      (1)

Summer Music Camp         (2)



JAZZ BAND LETTER POINT AWARDS (10 points per letter, 1 per year max)


Completes One Full Year of Jazz Band         (1)               

Completes Second Full Year of Jazz Band         (2)

Completes Third Full Year of Jazz Band          (3)                            

Completes Fourth Full Year of Jazz Band         (4)

100% Attendance at Jazz Rehearsals         (1)

100% Attendance at Jazz Performances         (3)

All State Jazz Band Audition ­         (1)


Make All State Jazz Band         (3)

All Northwest Jazz Band Audition ­         (1)


Make All Northwest Jazz Band         (3)

Summer Jazz/Improvisation Camp         (2)

Jazz/Improvisation Clinic Participant          (1)

Take Private Jazz Lessons (minimum 12 lessons in a school year)        (2)

Participate & Perform in a Jazz Combo___ (2)







All rehearsals and performances are required and students are expected to attend all scheduled events. This is a serious commitment which requires every student to make Marching Band their sole priority for the 10 weeks of the marching season. The music program offers experience in field and parade marching, self-discipline, all styles of music, and travel. Marching Band begins before school begins and performs at all home football games (4 or 5 plus any playoff games each year), performs at the various Parades, and participates in 3 marching contests each year. Football games occur on either Friday nights and contests are all day (Before Dawn to after Midnight Generally) on Saturdays. In addition we will rehearse about 4 hours during a school week and may have a Saturday rehearsal.



Band camp is required for all members of the band and color guard. Students who do not attend band camp will not be in the marching show.



The funds raised by Sherwood Band Boosters benefit all Sherwood band students by allowing participation in band festivals, competitions, and to help offset costs related to uniform and instrument repair (just to name a few). Listed below are some of the yearly fundraisers:


Band Day

Sherwood High School band students show our community what our band program is all about. They create excitement and gather support and donations with ensemble performances and combing our neighborhoods.


Swingin' with Spaghetti Dinner and Silent Auction

This is a fun evening of dinner, music, and auction. All middle and high school Jazz bands provide the music entertainment, and SHS band students wait on the tables. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year.


Other fundraisers include, but are not limited to: poinsettia and wreath sales, candy sales, can and bottle drives.





The Sherwood Band Booster Club is very active in helping the band with many of the things that just cannot be done with the limited staff. In addition to organizing fundraising efforts, they do many things to support the band. Volunteers with the band booster club are some of the most active on campus.


The Sherwood Band Booster Club is made up of the families and friends of the Sherwood High School band. The booster club holds meetings about 6 times a year. Please contact Lennae Bishop at for more info. Mailing address for the booster club is:


Sherwood Band Boosters
21370 SW Langer Farms Parkway, Suite 142 #256

Sherwood, OR 97140














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Parent/Guardian/Student Signature Form



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The Sherwood High School Band handbook 2016-2017 has been distributed and discussed in your son/daughter’s band class. Please review this handbook and sign this form acknowledging the receipt/review of the handbook and have your son/daughter return it to Mr. Stai as soon as you have signed it. If you have any further questions, please call Mr. Stai at 503-825-5575.  Thank you for your cooperation. Go Bowmen!