Mr. Farrand's
Biology 'B' Class
Trimesters 2/3, 2013/14

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        Ф Online Book    user: sherwoodbio        pswd: bowmen5
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        Ф Syllabus

Ф Proficiency Letter    &   Sample Grading Chart

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                Dear Parent(s)/ Guardian(s),

                I am excited to be working with your student.  I have made an effort for this website to be a useful                                 resource for both students and parents. Please read the following items and complete the Syllabus                               Acknowledgement through the link below.

                Thanks, Clark Farrand

                CLASS INFORMATION

                Ф My Class/Assignment Calendar is linked from this web page, as seen above.  It lists upcoming topics and assignments.

                Ф The Syllabus document is also linked above. It contains detailed content and grading information for the course.


                Ф E-mail is the best way to communicate with me:

                Ф I will use the email contact information in Synergy you provided to the school to send class notifications and to                                     communicate with you individually. Contact Tracie Harbick in the counseling office at 503.825.5526 to update this                                 information at any time.


                Ф Help (both scheduled & unscheduled) is available after school until 3:30 most weekdays.

                Please CLICK HERE to acknowledge that you have seen this page, provide contact information, and supply me with                     any additional information about your student you'd like me to have.


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