Resources for Mr. Farrand's
Biology B Class
Trimester 2/3, 2013/14

_Learning Targets____________________________________
Learning Target Document:   
Unit 5: I can explain how & why cells reproduce   
Unit 6:
I can explain how characteristics are passed from parents to offspring  
Unit 7:
I can explain the biochemical role of DNA in the cell and in the body   
Unit 8:
I can recognize and explain evidence of evolution as a process occurring throughout the                      history of the Earth

_Bio Articles________________________________________

Bio Article Template

Bio Article Scoring Guide

"A Cancer Patient's Best Friend"

_In Class Materials__________________________________

Unit 6 Review- Search & Rescue Activity

Videos:     Transcription/Translation
DNA/RNA Explanation
                                           Hippie Translation Interpretive Dance

Unit 7 Review- LT-7 Search & Rescue Review Q&A

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