Potentially Useful Math Links!
Links to math sites that are helpful to ME, so they might be helpful to YOU!

        Ф Poweralgebra.com- Our online textbook & more. User: sherwood     Pswd: bowmen5

        Ф Patrick's Just Math Tutorials- Example problems worked in YouTube videos by a guy in Texas who is awesome!

        Ф Purplemath- A text-based resource on a wide variety of topics. Drop some keywords into the SEARCH box!

        Ф Khan Academy- Videos on math and a whole bunch of other stuff. This might help in your other classes too!

           Ф Graph MakerA free, online function grapher (recommended).

Ф Graphic Function EvaluatorAnother free, online function grapher with a good "Trace" function

        Ф Standard Deviation CalculatorA free, online basic statistics calculator- Find Mean, Standard Deviation, etc!

        Ф Graph Paper

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