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Welcome to my website 
Dave Kilian <><
Sherwood High School
Math Teacher
Head Cross Country Coach
Assistant Head Track & Field Coach


Below are links to the classes I am currently teaching and info for teams I'm coaching.  Any questions are best asked via e-mail since I teach all day until the final period - in which I will typically be working on grading work from that day, prepping for the next, and writing up practice and workout plans.
YearLong Geometry
Essential Skills Math
Geometry A & B
Geometry Resource Page
Cross Country
Track and Field (Club, Middle School, and High School)
Sprint-Hurdle-Jump 2017 Workouts
2017-18 Schedule:       Period 1 - YearLong Geometry P-3
                                    Period 2 - YearLong Geometry P-3
                                    Period 3 - Essential Skills Math P-3
                                    Period 4 - Essential Skills Math P-3
                                    Period 5 - PREP
Thank you and I look forward to an AWESOME year with the Bowmen!!!