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Welcome back to the new school year...let's make 2017-2018 even better than last year.  I'm excited to have you all once more in Advisory and to kick booty like we did last year with our hard work and getting everything done.  You all set the bar high for the other classes.

On this page I will keep you all updated on what you need to stay up on with you Advisory course and Naviance.  If you have trouble logging in - it should be the same login & password as your Sherwood e-mail or when logging into district computers.  
The website you use for Naviance is here 

Below I will keep us updated on what we are doing in Advisory every-other week so you can also check for reminders.

SHS Financial Aid Night - June 13th from 6pm-7pm 

Naviance Lessons Assigned:
10.1 Participating in My Life - Assigned on 9/20/17
10.2 My Favorite Qualities - Assigned on 10/4/17
10.5 My Success Habits -Assigned on 10/4/17
10.3 Working Hard - Assigned on 10/18/17
10.4 What's Your Road - Assigned on 11/1/17
10.9 Enhancing My Resume - Assigned on 11/15/17
10.6 Connecting My Courses and Careers - Assigned 12/6/17
10.7 My College Fears - Assigned on 2/7/18
10.8 What Debt Looks Like - Assigned on 2/21/18
10.10 My College Options - Assigned on 4/4/18
10.11 Support Networks - Assigned on 5/2/18
10.12 Anatomy of a College Website - Assigned on 5/16/18
10.13 The College Visit - Assigned on 5/16/18

Other Assigned Lessons (not involved in your Career Credit Grade):
School to Career Interest Survey (after watching Video on Naviance Home Page) - Assigned on 11/1/17
ACT Test Prep in Naviance - change test date to April 3, 2018, complete all 10 Lessons and Understanding the ACT - Assigned on 1/31/18

If your Career Credit is not up to date, it will affect your eligibility for athletics, activities, dances, and more.  If you stay up to date, it will certainly make your life so much easier and these tasks are really quite interesting and can help us point ourselves in the directions our future will take us through HS, into College, and beyond.

Below, if you don't remember from Freshman year or are new to Naviance...I've attached a PowerPoint for your review.  I will also include relevant documents below that we use during Advisory that will benefit you in your future academically-professionally-personally.  Other attachments are included that can be useful - that we have used or talked about in class.

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