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ES Math

Essential Skills Math
The primary goal in this class is to ensure that each student ends with 2 complete and passing Essential Skill Tasks from 2 different strands (Algebra, Geometry, or Statistics/Probability). 
We begin by learning how to work on them, then we will begin rotating between the three strands until each student has completed this graduation requirement.  Once each student completes this work, we will begin to learn life skill financial mathematics.  I know I look forward to both parts of this class - helping the students meet this piece towards graduation, and then teaching them some fun and VERY relevant mathematics.

Daily Class Calendar/Schedule


Life Math Assignments:
Budget Project (Due 3/12 - 20pt assessment grade)
Bills Data and Spreadsheet (In class on 3/6 - 10pts)
Investing in YOUR Future (Due 3/5 - 15pts)
Independent Living (Due 2/26 - 20pts)
Post Secondary Opportunities (Due 2/14 - 10pts)
Buying a Car (Due 2/12 - 20pts)
Credit Project (Due 2/5 - 25pts)
Money in the Bank (Due 1/29 - 10pts)


Tips and Trick to Passing an ES Task

The What and Why about Essential Skills (Powerpoint)

State of Oregon Essential Skills Scoring Rubric

Calculator Checkout Form

PowerPoint's or Lesson Practice Info for each Task:
Systems Of Equations PowerPoint/Practice - Solve Using Elimination (Task on 1/19)