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Geometry A & B

I am so excited for this 2017-18 school year.  Below, on this page, you will find links to our daily lesson calendar, our homework log, and much more.  Most pertinent information can be found here - but if there are any further questions you may have, please don't hesitate to ask.

Some things to focus on as you grow through this trimester:
*You NEED your own Calculator.  While a TI Graphing Calculator is the very least you need a Scientific Calculator
*You need to have a spiral notebook or a section of a 3-ring binder dedicated to math...stay organized
***You NEED to gain access to and utilize the eBook (how to do this is detailed below)***
*You gotta complete your homework on time - and with effort.  Don't just complete it for points
*PARTICIPATE. Whether we are working alone or in groups...we need to be fully engaged and involved
*Ask for help. I'm available in the mornings usually at 7:15 & there are after school tutor opportunities in room E-13 (M-TH)

Review Worksheet w/ Answers
(see if you can catch my goof on one problem)

Syllabus is HERE

Homework Log

Geometry B Daily Lesson Calendar
Almost daily I will update the Work Log to track homework assigned with due dates and have our daily calendar in the below Excel link.  The Calendar below will be used for quiz and test notifications and other relevant classroom events.

CPM Resource Webpage
The above site with includes amazing resources with Parent Help strategies and practice tips & homework help for many of the classwork and homework problems.

Once you have gained access by the methods below for the eBook, use 
THIS LINK for eBOOK Access 

To create your eBook account, you must use THIS LINK:
When you are asked to enter a PIN for eBook access, the PIN is: NLEV5 for my class.

We ask that the students use their Sherwood SD e-mail accounts to create their e-book accounts.  Using school issued e-mail is an important habit to develop as it will carry over to college and into many careers where you are also assigned e-mail addresses and expected to utilize those for communication in those settings.  Using Social Media for access (Facespace and Google+) can occasioally cause login issues.