Botany Article Template
Title of article:

Journal Title:

Date of article:


Literacy Skill: Key Ideas and Details

1.      Determine the central idea of the article, or claim made by the author. A claim is the author’s evidence-based argument related to the main idea.   Make it clear and complete in 1 sentence.







2.      Cite specific textual evidence. Pick ONE crucial line, introduce it, quote it, and debrief it. 








Literacy Skill: Relationships and Meaning

3.      Identify relationships among concepts in the text.  Choose two main ideas, and explain how one affects the other (cause/effect).






Literacy Skill: Integration of Knowledge and Ideas

4.      Choose a relevant diagram within THIS ARTICLE, explain how data is being visually represented (i.e symbols, keys, colors), interpret the meaning of the information, and its significance to the claim.








5.      Assess how well the author’s claims are supported by reasoning or evidence.  You need to: discuss the claim, analyze findings gathered from at least 2 sources, and state whether they support or refute the hypothesis (claim).