Spanish 1A tri 2   2012


  1.  Please do pages 1 and 2 in your cuaderno. number this HW    #1 in the upper right hand corner of page 1.
  2. Write out ex. 6 page 9 and ex. 9 page 10 in the text. Write them out in context. This is HW #2.
  3. Please do exercises 7 and 9  but not 8 on page 3 and all of page 4 in your cuadrno. This is HW #3.
  4. Do all of pages 5 and6 in the cuaderno. This is HW    #4.
  5.  WRite out exercises #16 page 14 and #18 page 15 in the text. This is HW # 5.
  6. Write out ex. 16 page 14 and ex. 18 page 15 in your text. This is HW # 6. Increase your time of study since the exam is coming up next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday.
  7. write out pages 5,6,7,8 in the cuaderno.
  8. Please write out pages 9 and 10 in the cuaderno. We will be preparing all day Monday for the exam on Tuesday. The exam will include listening,  reading, and writing portions. Review your warm-ups and HW pages.
  9. Review all notes and warmups in addition to using your study guide in preparation of exam 1 tomorrow. Write out Q/A ex. 4 page 32 and all of the conversation page 33 in your text.
  10. Write out all the purple terms on pages 38-41. This is HW #1.
  11. Pages 13,14 in the cuaderno due tomorrow Jan. 10. HW#2.
  12. Please do pages 15 and 16 in the cuaderno . Due tomorrow. HW #3.  Bring the piece of graph paper to class with you.
  13. WRite out self portrait and portrait of your best friend of the opposite gender. Use the purple page. HW#4.
  14. Write out exercises 16,17,18 on pages 52 and 53 in your text. Write the entire context.  HW#5.
  15. Pages 17,18,19, in the ecuaderno. HW# 6.
  16. Pages 20 and 21 in the cuaderno and please rewrite your autoportrait and best friend's with Q/A. HW #7.
  17. HW :pages 22 and 23 in the cuaderno. This is #8.
  18. HW : exercises 32 and 33 in context  on pages 64 and 65 in the text. This is HW #9.
  19. Page 24 in the cuaderno. This is #10  .Begin to review and increase your time of study as we are having our exam on Tuesday.
  20. Due Monday January 28th: all of page 70 written in context.
  21. Due Tuesday January 29th: all of page 71 in context.
  22. Please label the purple words of chapter 3 as HW #1.
  23. Please label the activites and drawings depicting these activities on page 82 as HW #2.
  24. HW #3=  page 25 in the cuaderno. Due Monday.
  25. Review the first half of chapter 3. Be ready for a quiz over the verb querer. Please write out page 28 in the cuaderno. And practice all 3 rolls in the conversation.
  26. Please write out exercises 20 and 21 in your text.
  27. Write out all on pages 29 and 30 of your cuaderno.
  28. Please complete pages 31 and 32 in your cuaderno. Review querer and how to use with nouns and verbs.
  29. Please restudy querer and write out exercises 26 and 27 on pages 98 and 99 in your text.
  30. Please write out ex. 1,2,and 3 on page 108 in your text. Due Tues. Feb. 20.This is worth double points. Study for the exam on Friday over chapter 3.
  31. Please do all of ex. 4,5,7 in context on page 109. Due tomorrow, and double points.  Exam tomorrow, Fri.
  32. Practice your conversation for the oral exam on Monday.  
  33. List and number all purple terms on pages 114-117. In your own words, write a sentence about the importance of each term. Then list the vocab on pages 120 and 121 and draw a small illustration depicting the meaning of each word.
  34. Please write out pages 37,38 in the cuaderno. Review tener and how to use.
  35. Write out pages 39 and 40 in the cuaderno.
  36. Learn the verb venir and finish up the cuaderno pages for the first half of chapter 4, so all pages through 42.Review the conversation we worked on in class today.
  37. Study all four conversatoins for your oral final exam and also the Q/A. Bring your HW packet to class with your tomorrow.