Please read pages 53-56. Recopy questions and answer 1-10 F p.58.

Answer and recopy the remaining questions on exercise F. These accout for HW # 1,2,and 3.

write out exercises A and B  page 57. This is HW # 4. Read page 60 with care and list what charactersitics Chansons de Geste have in common.

Ecrivez exercise C a la page 57 et continuez a etudiez La Chanson de Roland. #5

List in order of events the 12 most important in La Chanson de Roland. Please take quotes out of the story or poem to do so.  #6.

Please take the 12 events and put them into your own words. #7

Contiuez a travailler sur vos renditions de La Chanson de Roland. Presentations jeudi et vendredi.

Ex. A page 64 , problems 1-7 only. Begin to review P.C. for quiz o Wednesday. #8

Ex. B page 77,78 text due January 10. Memorize lines for play and bring props for dress rehearsal. #9

Ex.C page 78 in the text. Pracice your lines, repeat the warm up outloud. #10

Study pages  106-107. Write out exercises A andB page113. #11

Ex. C,D page 113 #12

Ex. F page 114. Begin to review Chanson de Geste, La Chanson de Roland and Tristan et Yseut. Contes for the test coming up this coming Tuesday. 

ex. A page 90. #14.

Draw and label with 15 new vocabulary words the burial place of griots. Then write a line (in French) why the griots were buried there.

List all of the duties of griots in French.

After viewing the movie, write two paragraphs. Paragraph one should include discussion of scenes in which the movie reflected what the griots duties typically do. Paragraph 2 should discuss information which was new to you.

With the last paragraph of the introduction in Les Contes D'Amadou Koumba, please illustrate how Birago Diop compares his work to that of a pagne.

After reading the first 3 paragraphs of Fari L'Anesse, please write a line about each paragragh that summarizes the information. Then draw a picture of what your read labeling 10 new vocabulary items.

 WRite a line in your own words about all the paragraphs through page 17 of Fari L'Anesse.

Presentations on themes and characteristics of Fari l'Anesse will be on Monday. Exam on Tuesday.

Reread Fari L'Anesse to review for the exam tomorrow. While reading, underline or highlight the 10 most important events of the story.

Prepare essay and presentation fo renrichment credit if you'd like.

Make a diagram showing the differences and similarities if Khary and Koumba.

Finish reading Les Mamelles.

Prepare your presentation for tomorrow and reread Les Mamelles.