HW due Wednesday March 13: Please write out all of exercise 8 page 125 and exercise 13 page 127 in your text. Write them out in context, that means in full complete sentences. Also, review the first half of chapter 4. This is HW number 1.
HW due Thursday March 14- write out conversation for exercise 19 page 129 text. This is HW #2.
HW due Friday March 15th-write out allof pages 43 and 44 in the cuaderno.
HW due Monday March 18th- Write out pages 45 and 46 in your cuaderno. Begin to review and study for your exam coming up next week.
Due to Explore testing and other testing on Tuesday March 19th, the tener retake quiz will take place on Thursday March 21st at 7:40 sharp. The HW is to write out pages 47 and 48 in the cuaderno and review all of chapter 4 for your exam on Thursday the 21st.
Please study the conversation #7 on page 147 of your text. You need to know both roles for the oral proficiency exam on Friday. Also, gather your HW concerning the second half of chapter 4 and staple it . Due tomorrow.
Please finish all of pages 49 and 50 in your cuaderno. Due Wednesday April 3.
 Please review boot verbs ALMORZAR and DORMIR for a quiz on Thursday. Also, do all of page 51 in the cuaderno.
WRite out pages 53 and 54 in your cuadernos. Review the stem changing boot verbs  on these two pages with care.
Study possissive adjectives and then write out page 52 in your cuaderno.
HW= Ex. 6 page 161 in the text. Make sure to RECOPY the questions in this exercise and answer in COMPLETE detailed sentences.
Also do ex. 9 page 193 in the text in context.
HW due April 10th: please write out ex. 11 page 164 and ex.12 page 165. Both of these need to be written out in context.
HW write out in context exercises 17 and 18 on page 172 in the text.
Practice saying the quehaceres/chores listed on pages 172 and 173 with your vocabulary cards. Review notes on TOCAR and the warmup.
 Due Monday April 15th: pages 55 and 56 cuaderno.
HW due el 16 de abril: page 175 ex. 25 in the text, write out and translate into English. Also, study vocab cards for quiz tomorrow over the chores.
Due Wednesday April17th: write out exercises 28 and 29 page 177 of your text.
Due Thursday April 18: pages 57 and 58 of the cuaderno. review all of chapter 5 for exam coming up.
HW due Friday April 19th: write out pages 59 and 60 in the cuaderno. Also write out conversation ex. 7 page 185 in your text. This will be your oral proficiency test on next Tuesday. Your written exam over chapter 5 has been moved to Monday due to a special schedule on Friday April 19th.
WRite out exercises 1, 2, and 3 page 184 in context. Study conversation page 185. Exam has been moved one last time to Tuesday April 23 and the oral proficiency to Wednesday April 24.
We will have our exam over chapter 5 tomorrow, April 23ed. The oral test will be Wednesday. Study tonight , look over your warm ups and say them outloud, study notes and all of the sections in the chapter with bold  print. Assemble your HW for chapter 5 and staple all of it together.
 Please list and number all purple terms on pages 190-193 of your text. Then in one sentence in English for each term, write down what you gathered from your reading.
 Write out page 63 in the cuaderno and study verbs pedir and servir for quiz.
Write out exercises 1,3,4 on pages 198 and 199 in context from your text. Study the very probar for possible quiz.
Wrote out exercises 7 and 8 on pages 200 and 201  in the text. Review pink page for possible quiz on preferir and probar.
Write out pages 61,62,and 64 in the cuaderno. Review pink verb sheet with new verb poder. Say your skit lines outloud several times
Due Monday May 6-pages 65 and 66 in your cuaderno. Review all boot verbs in addition to estar and ser. Say your skit lines outloud.
Due Tuesday- a neat version of the whole conversation/skit that you will perform Tuesday. Practice your lines.
Due Wed.May 8
Exercises 21 and 22 page 210 in your text.
Please write out page 67 in the cuaderno.
Page 68 in the cuaderno and study the flash cards.
Please write out page 69 in the cuaderno. Study your notes and exercises that we did in class today.
Page 70 in the cuaderno due May 14.
Page 71 in thecuaderno and ex. 34 page 216 in the text due Wed. May 15.
Page 72 in the cuaderno and write out conversation #7 on page 222 of the text. Study foryou big exam coming up on Monday!
Please write out answers and questions fully in exercises 1,2,3 page 222 of your text. Review all of this weeks warmups with care.
Recopy the reflexive verbs in exercisse 3 page 238  and then draw a stick figure illustration for each infinitive. Then write out exercises 1 and 2 page 236 in the text.
 Write out pages 73 and 74 in the cuaderno and begin to review for your final.
Write out pages 75 and 76 for Friday May 31. Practice the 3 conversations.