Honors Algebra 1 Designation


·         Students will elect to attempt the honors designation and sign a form at the beginning of the trimester indicating they will follow all the set forth guidelines and expectations.

·         Students will complete and pass 2 projects each trimester (projects will be pass/fail and will not count towards nor hurt their overall grade)

·         Students will need to maintain at least an 85% overall grade for their regular coursework

·         Students will need to score at least 80% on "Honors" questions on the final

·         If a student does not meet any or all of these requirements the only consequence will be that they will not receive the honors designation; there will be no effect on their grade.

·         Students may not use the math help room or ask their teacher for assistance on Honors projects but are free to use other resources. 

Due Dates (Trimester 2): 

Signed Intent Form:  December 15th 

Chapter 3 Project:  January 12th 

Chapter 4 Project:  February 23rd 

Due Dates (Trimester 3): 

Signed Intent Form: March 23rd

Chapter 5 Project: May 7th

Chapter 9 Project: TBD