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Accelerated English 10B

Welcome! Please check class policies and assignments in the links below.

Required reading to start class

  • Read the syllabus--grading policy & class info.
  • Read the plagiarism policy. (Please see SHS Student Handbook for more information).
  • Go to Google Classroom and check out the assignments and due dates you'll see there. Your school Google account gets you in. The app will send notifications to your school email; you can set up forwarding to your phone. Google Classroom is not used for grades. For your grades, go to Synergy StudentVue.
  • Add the calendar on the right to your phone/Google calendars. (Click this icon below the calendar: .) The assignments posted there are on DUE DATES. (If it says "Read Chapter 1" on Tuesday, read Chapter 1 before Tuesday's class.)
    • Complete the Google Form to sign in: Due the first Friday of class.
    Resources for starting class
    • Skills you need to develop to do well in this class.
    • Writing plan for this class.
    • Writing rubrics for this class. We usually the assess reading standards through writing and discussions.
    • Class ID: 17177998 Password: persuade
    Assignments & Projects

    Mr. Jones does not post or update daily assignments on this page. Major projects & assessments are on the calendar, and materials to support them are linked below.

    • Goals of this course--how it fits into the Accelerated English program.
    • Calendar--see on the right for major assignment due dates and handouts. (Daily work will not be listed here.)
    • Note on grades: 80% of credit for this class is based on standards, and much of that work is done in writing. When we're writing an essay, we won't know the final score until several days after turning in the final draft. But I want students and parents to know if a first, second, or final draft is completely missing, so I update Synergy with draft checks. A draft score of 5/6 (83%) indicates the student DID have the latest draft and has done everything right. If it were 100%, students and parents might feel bad about a good score (like 85% or even 95%) on the final draft.
    • Short nonfiction

      • Choice Book
        • You will choose one book from a list of 11 novels and nonfiction books--as long as at least 2 other students also choose that book. You will work in "lit circles" to respond what you read. Your individual work and contribution to the group will be scored; your group members' performance will not affect your scores. 
        • Book List with descriptions.
        • Google Form to select your book.

        • Final--to be determined.

        Accel 10B