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Accelerated English 10B

Welcome! Please check class policies and assignments in the links below.

Required reading to start class

Resources for starting class
  • Skills you need to develop to do well in this class.
  • Writing plan for this class.
  • Writing rubrics for this class. We usually the assess reading standards through writing and discussions.
  • Class ID: 17177998 Password: persuade
Assignments & Projects

Mr. Jones does not post or update daily assignments on this page. Major projects & assessments are on the calendar, and materials to support them are linked below.

  • Goals of this course--how it fits into the Accelerated English program.
  • Calendar--see on the right for major assignment due dates and handouts. (Daily work will not be listed here.)
  • Short nonfiction

      • You will choose one book from a list of (10-12?) novels and nonfiction books--as long as at least 3 other students also choose that book. You will work in "lit circles" to respond what you read. Your individual work and contribution to the group will be scored; your group members' performance will not affect your scores. 
      • Book List--COMING SOON.
      • Essay Assignment--COMING SOON.
      • Feedback Sheet for literary analysis essays

      • Final--to be determined.

      Accel 10B