Welcome! Please check class policies and assignments in the links below.

GRADE NOTICE: Early in the term, students are likely to have lower grades. The standards remain unchanged from the beginning to the end, and students work their way toward proficiency over time. If your grades are unsatisfactory in the first few weeks, that doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong—just that you’re not finished learning yet. Early low grades will be replacedby new grades from later assessments. Hang in there! (Of course, weekly ‘deadline’ points are a different story.) Please see your syllabus for more details.


Course Outline--start here. This has links to every unit we study. Note: As of May 18, you need todownload each page in order to use the links inside it. 


Schoology access code: MW9F6-7G45Z

Class Policies:

  • Sign in to Poetry--due Monday, March 18.
  • Syllabus--grading policy & class info.
  • You can finish class early
    • Demonstrate proficiency twice on every standard.
    • Earn an A on every standard (latest grade).
    • Make a plan with Mr. Jones and/or administration to be released from this class's work.
  • Plagiarism policy (please see SHS Student Handbook for more information).
  • Cell phones and other wireless devices are welcome in class.
  • Attendance: Either show me you're ready for college & work OR complete this research assignment to help you get ready.

Proficiency-Based Grading: As my syllabus outlines, I am using a non-traditional grading system. Here's more information about it.

  • Standards rubrics for this class.
  • Letter from Sherwood School District about Proficiency-Based Grading.
  • FAQs about Proficiency-Based Grading on the Sherwood District Proficiency page.
  • Projects--what's required and how to finish early. 
  • Please see the Grade Notice at the top of this page.

Assignments & Projects:

Mr. Jones does not post or update daily assignments on this page. Major projects & assessments are on the calendar, and materials to support them are linked below.

  • Course Outline--start here. This has links to every unit we study. Note: As of May 18, you need to download each page in order to use the links inside it. 
  • Sign in to Poetry-- due Friday, March 15
  • Schoology access code: MW9F6-7G45Z
    • This is where you'll find the online content for this course.
  • Rubrics for poetry-- the basis of all your standards grades (80% of class credit).
  • Introduce Yourself--due Monday, March 18.
  • Projects--what's required and how to finish early.
  • Reading Log--read at least 5 pages of published poetry for every school day. Keep a log.
  • Group Feedback on your poem drafts: use these guidelines for feedback. If you were absent from class, ask at least two people who know something about poetry to give you feedback using the questions in the doc.
  • Final.

Useful Resources:

  • Poetry Out Loud--great source of high-quality published poems (and the only source for your class's POL contest).
  • Poetry 180--another great source of high-quality published poems.
  • English Handbook--outlines the way Mr. Jones teaches essay writing (and much more).