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Story Writing

Required reading to start class

      Resources for starting class  

      Cell phones and other wireless devices are not to be used in class. There may be some moments when we use them to learn, but they usually distract us from our work. Mr. Jones confiscates them if they are being used counterproductively.

      Course Outline--Links to every unit we study. 

      • Note: You may need to download each page in order to use the links inside it. Class ID: 14156606;  Password: revise

      Assignments & Projects:  Major projects & assessments only.

      • Units: Here's where to make up missing skills practice work. You may need to download each unit in order to use the links inside it. 
      • Projects:
      • Discussions--See Google Classroom for individual stories. For each story, prepare your responses on the Discussion Prep sheet before class.
      • Reading--Read at least 5 pages of published narrative (short stories) for every school day. Keep track of the total number of pages you have read so far on your own (not including any stories Mr. Jones has brought to class).
      • Story Presentation
      • Podcast Stories
      • Recommend a Story
      • Portfolio Rubric (winter 2017)
      • Final (winter 2017):
        • Choose a short story (it can be your own short story or a famous short story).

          Use some sort of medium to represent they key components of the story. See a list of options here. (You could also choose to make a poster.) Create something in that represents the key components of the story such as the setting, theme or main characters.

          Give a brief summary of the story (1-2 minutes).

          In a short presentation (3-5 minutes), describe how your object or medium represents the story and why it is important. 


      Old links (may use later...)

      Useful Resources:

      • English Handbook--outlines the way Mr. Jones teaches essay writing (and much more).
      • Selected Shorts is a regular live reading of short stories in New York City. The podcast provides audio of those readings.
      • Pixar's suggestions for how to make a good story.
      • Dialect quiz here.


      Story Writing - fall 2013