Chemistry Syllabus


Course Description:

This course will explore the composition of matter and how chemicals interact, combine, and change through laboratory investigations and other student/teacher led investigations.


Required Materials for each day of class:

Scientific calculator, notebook, pencil or pen

Textbook: Chemistry: Matter and Change



Grading is based on a standard/proficiency hybrid system for each standard. Students will have three opportunities to demonstrate proficiency (quiz, unit test, final). The unit point value is based on at least two of those scores. If unit test percentage is higher than quiz percentage, quiz score is modified to equal unit test percentage.



75% Summative Assessments

·         40% Tests

·         20% Quizzes

·         15% Final

20% Laboratory Investigations

5% Academic Behavior/Classwork/Homework


Grade Percentages:

A – 100-90%

B – 89-80%

C – 70-79%

D – 60-69%

F < 59.5%


Department Policies:

1. No retakes on summative assessments.

2. Students have until Friday to make up missing assignments from the previous week.

3. Student will receive a zero on any assignment due to unexcused absences, cheating, or past the due deadline.


 Topics of Study

Chemistry-B                                                                        NGSS

        Ch. 9              Chemical Reactions                                                HS-PS1-2

Ch. 10            The Mole                                                       HS-PS1-7

            Ch. 11                        Stoichiometry                                                HS-PS1-7, HS-PS3-3

        Ch. 13                        Gases                                                             HS-PS1-7

    Ch,.14                        Mixtures and Solutions                               HS-PS1-7

                    Ch. 15                        Energy and Chemical Change                 HS-PS3-1, HS-PS1-7

       Ch. 16                        Reaction Rates                                            HS-PS1-8

Ch. 18                        Acids and Bases                                         


Rules and Consequences:

Be on time, prepared and ready to work.

Follow instructions and safety rules. Be respectful and careful.


Conference with teacher

Detention and parent/coach call.

Verbal warning