Environmental Science A

Environmental Science is the study of the natural world around us, and how humans interact with their environment. 
We will study:
Watersheds, water quality, ecosystems, forestry, salmon, insects, soils, and sustainability. 
Students should expect: 
To complete long-term inquiry projects, and to present their results.  
To leave campus frequently on walking field trips as well as on bussed trips. 
To work hard, get messy, and spend lots of time outside.

Testing Water Quality in Wetzel Woods

Envi Sci A Fall ‎(Kneisler)‎

Planting Trees & Shrubs at Murdock Park                                     Identifying Understory Trees at Wetzel Woods


Cedar Creek Watershed Analysis


Catching Macroinvertebrates
in Cedar Creek

Water Quality Monitoring (on a spirit day)