Please see below for World History A keys to success, key course documents, and a  course calendar.

Keys to Success:
1. Come to class ready to work and participate!                                                               
2. Use Canvas and stay organized!
3. Know your scoring guides!
4. Complete and study your unit guides!
5. Take advantage of your retake opportunity!

Key Course Documents (these are documents that students might access several times throughout the trimester): 

Unit One Key Documents: 
Industrial Revolution PowerPoint (Note: We will only use a portion of this PowerPoint in class)

Unit Two Key Documents 

Unit Three Key Documents
Textbook Readings on Imperialism in India, Imperialism in China, and U.S. Imperialism 
Student Created PowerPoint's:
Unit Four Key Documents

Note: This calendar will only contain key upcoming due dates! Students should refer to their canvas course calendar for specifics about daily lesson plans and assignments. 

World History A Calendar