Please see below for the keys to success in World History B, key course documents, resources and a course calendar.

Keys to Success:
1. Come to class ready to work and participate!
2. Stay organized!
3. Know your scoring guides!
4. Complete and study your unit guides!
5. Take advantage of your retake opportunities!

General Course Documents 

1) World History B Syllabus  
2) World History B Daily Agenda -General guide to what we are doing daily in class. 
3) Scoring Guides and Retake Requirements
4) Essay Writing Guide
5) Cornell Note-taking Guidelines
6) Vocabulary Assignment -This is due at the end of every unit.

Resources For The Russian Revolution and the Rise of Totalitarianism 

5) Totalitarianism Reading pp. 440-445 in Modern World History Text
6) Rise of Fascism Reading

Resources For The Great Depression

Resources For WWII

Note: View the daily agenda link under "General Course Documents" for details about daily lessons and due dates!

World History B Calendar