English 9B

6/11:  Finals 1 & 2
6/10:  Finals 3,4 &5
6/9:  Review for final

6/6: Performances
6/5:  Performances
6/4:  Theme/Character Assessments
6/3:  Performance work day
6/2:  Finish Act 5.  Finish BDA.  Review theme and characters

5/30: Finish Act 4 and read Act 5 scenes 1 & 2.
5/29: Read Act 4 scenes 1-3.
5/28:  Finish Lit analysis
5/27:  Lit analysis #3
5/26:  Memorial Day-No School

5/23:  ER--read Act 3 scenes 4-5.  BDA.  Prepare for lit analysis on Tuesday.
5/22:  Read Act 3 scenes 1-3.  Quote analysis activity.  BDA
5/21: Read Act 2 scenes 4-6.  Character activity.  BDA
5/20:  Read Act 2 scenes 1-3.  Watch balcony scene.  BDA
5/19:  Read Act 1 scene 5.  Look at early themes and create theme statements.  BDA for Act 1

5/16:  BDA.  Read Act 1, Scene 2-4
5/15: BDAs Read prologue and Act 1 scene 1
5/14: Character Assessment #1Romeo and Juliet web quest
5/13:  Finish Writing Assessment #2
5/12: Writing Assessment #2

5/9:  Myth Presentations.  Review for lit analysis
5/8:  Myth presentations
5/7: Read "Death in the Great Hall" and "The Olive Tree"  Class discussion.  Video Clip
5/6: Read "Beggar at the Manor" and "Test of the Bow"  Theme activity
5/5:  Read "Hospitality in the Forest" and "Father and Son"  Complete character activity

5/2: Conferences=No School
5/1: Video clip.  Commentary practice.  Theme discussion.
4/30:  Read Scylla,Chrybdis and Helios.  Answer discussion questions.
4/29: Read Sea of Peril and defeat. Complete Siren poem activity in packet.
4/28: Practice writing intro paragraphs and quote prefacing

4/25: Read "Aiolus" "Circe" and "Tiresias"  Look at themes and tie events to them.
4/24: Speaking Assessment #2
4/23: Read "Cyclopes"  Graphic organizer.  Discuss if the cyclopes are a civilization.
4/22: Odysseus' strengths and weaknesses.  Read Civilization article.  Discuss what makes a civilization.
4/21: Read "The Princess at the River", "New Coasts" , "Cicones" and "Lotus Eaters"  Answer the questions within your group.  Theme statement practice.

4/18:ER-Read "The invocation" and "Calypso" in Odyssey Packet--take notes on character development and theme topics (Xenia, loyalty, bravery, leadership)
4/17: Myth presentation project information.  FORECASTING for 2nd period in library
4/16: Intro to The Odyssey.  Mythology information/notes
4/15: Reading Test
4/14: Reading Test

4/11: Poetry Test

4/10:  Review for poetry test
4/9:  Finish Writing Assessment
4/8: Writing Assessment #1
4/7: Read "Ozymadias" and "Coney Island life" and create theme statements.

4/4:  "Papa's Waltz" dueSpeaking Assessment #1
4/3:  Define: allusion, blank verse.  Group A read "Dream Deferred" and "Skinny Tomboy Kid" and Group B read  "On Turning 10" and "How Things Work"  Create level 3 questions in preparation for speaking assessment.
4/2:  Review intro paragraph and thesis statements.  "My Papa's Waltz" writing
4/1: Define: symbol, free verse, hyperbole.  Look at "My Papa's Waltz" and find poetic devices
3/31: No School.  Professional Development Day

3/21: Define:  Irony, onomatopoeia, pun, rhyme, end rhyme, slant rhyme, diction, denotation, connotation.  Diction activity in packet on page 38. 
3/20:  Define: meter, Metrical Foot, Metrical Line, Alliteration, Assonance, Consonance.  Practice 2-chunk writing--Typed and due on Friday
3/19: Define Imagery, Personification, metaphor and simile.  Unlocking metaphor activity.  Imagery activity
3/18: Explore Testing Day
3/17: Syllabus.  Hand out poetry packet.  Intro to poetry.  Look at Tone, sound and image.