Welcome to Advisory, Class of 2020!

This class is used as an opportunity for you to think about what you would like to do once you have graduated from high school.

This class will stay together with me until graduation! We get a whole four years together!

Below I have posted various links for you that may be important for the class:

Link to Naviance Login:

Did you forget to do an assignment and want to make up your credit? Do you want to update your Naviance credit????? 

Click on this link for all of your grade update questions!
You can also email Mrs. Barton at: rbarton@sherwood.k12.or.us

To be up to date in Naviance, here are the assignments we have completed thus far:
  • 10.1 Participating in My Life
  • 10.2 My Favorite Qualities
  • 10.3 Working Hard
  • 10.5 My Success Habits