About me

Hello Sherwood! Funny enough, I grew up here in Sherwood. I loved it so much that I came back to teach.

After graduating from Sherwood High, I attended Portland State University where I majored in Health Studies: Health Sciences. I had an exciting and adventurous four years of studying to become a Physical Therapist and travelling up and down the West Coast on school breaks. I graduated and started working in a physical therapy clinic as an aide. After working there for about a year I realized that Physical Therapy wasn't what I thought it was and started searching for the career that better suited my personality.

This is when teaching came into my life. I had always spent time in my parents’ classrooms and loved it. I was also inspired by my teacher in Scottish Highland Dancing (more on that later). So I decided to go back to school and this past spring I got my Masters’ of Arts in Teaching at George Fox University. I had the opportunity to student teach with Ms. Raddatz and taught Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry.

Now here I am! This year I will be teaching Geometry and Yearlong Algebra 1.

In my spare time…

I have been a Scottish Highland Dancer since I was eight and it has allowed me to travel all over the place competing. I found that as I competed less I still wanted to be involved in dancing. So I studied hard and got my teaching certificate in Highland Dance. This is where I learned that I loved working with students helping them improve and grow in their dancing.

I love to travel!! I have been to much of the West Coast all the way over to New York. I have traveled to Scotland for dance and recently went to Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Belgium. My grandparents retired in Costa Rica and I visit them there every couple of years.

Another thing I love is being outdoors! There’s nothing better than getting fresh air and exercise in the great outdoors. I love Oregon because there’s such a big variety of outdoor space. From city life in Portland, to the beautiful coast, the rivers, to Mount Hood, and

nation forests. There’s unlimited adventures to be had here and I love to take advantage!

Many people ask me, “Why math?” I think my favorite thing about math is that it continues to challenge me in the way I think and the way I problem solve. As I spend more time studying mathematics the more I connect math to everyday life. I see geometry in my house or algorithms when I’m looking at my student loans. The problem solving that I have learned from math is used daily. I used it in traveling through Europe or getting into graduate school.  One of my goals as a teacher is to help my students see math as a way to better understand the world they live in. I hope that by the end of the year my students don’t see math as just a series of rules and equations to memorize but a tool to problem solve and experience life.