Letters of Recommendation:


If you need a letter of recommendation because you plan on majoring in art, or want to attend a summer art pre-college program, I will need the following information.  I will only write your letter if you follow the instructions on this page.  



  1. All materials must be given to me at least two weeks before the school’s deadline.  
  2. Email me your resume.
  3. Email me your request from Naviance (college admissions only).                                                     


In addition to the above materials, please answer the following questions and email them to me.  The following information will assist me in writing your letter of recommendation.




  1. What do you plan to major in?
  2. Why am I the best person to write this letter of recommendation for you?
  1. What was your final grade in my class?
  1. What did you do to earn this grade?  What skills helped you find success? (Please give examples and as much detail as possible – this will help me expand on your attributes)!
  1. Was there anything in particular you felt you struggled with?
  1. Is there one specific memory from my class that stands out to you?
  2. Any additional facts and/or personal qualities you might want me to mention?


Thank you and if you have any questions, please let me know!!  Good luck with your college application process.  Please let me know what school you decide to attend next year!