English 10A

Course Syllabus and Expectations


Turnitin.com information:


1.  Create your own turnitin.com account (or log in if you already have one).

2.  Use the ID # and the password Jack to join our class (please note- passwords are case-sensitive).

3. Submit your essay.  (It should give you a confirmation receipt once it is done).

4.  Make sure to print a copy to turn in!


*All reading assignments are homework due the following class period unless otherwise noted.

Test Student Calendar ‎(Canvas)‎


Click this link for MLA formatting guidelines


You may revise any of your essays for up to one week after receiving feedback to try for an increased score. 


In order to receive credit for a revised essay, students must:

1. Set up a time outside of class to conference with the instructor before revising.

2. Highlight all revisions made in the revised draft.

3. Submit a typed, one-paragraph reflection explaining what revisions were made to the essay and why.

4.  Turn in the paragraph and revised version along with the original version within ONE WEEK of receiving the graded paper.

Click here for a copy of the revision cover sheet.


Proficiency Rubrics:

Helpful Documents:

Proficiency Assignments:

Writing 1- Student personal narrative
Writing 2 and Theme 1- The House on Mango Street essay
Discussion 1- The House on Mango Street discussion
Theme 2- Macbeth theme chart
Discussion 2- Macbeth discussion

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