English 9A


9A proficiency syllabus NJack.docx

Online MLA citations resource:  http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/05/

"I was absent.  Did I miss anything?"
Daily assignments.  If you have questions, please see Mrs. Jack.
 9-5-12-Go over syllabus
-Complete first day paragraph activity
-Review plot diagram and definitions
Have your parents sign the syllabus and return it no later than 9-14-12.
 9-6-12-Warm up
-Read the first half of "The Most Dangerous Game" (pg. 24 in the textbook)
-Warm up
-Check out textbooks
-Continue reading "The Most Dangerous Game"
 Finish reading "The Most Dangerous Game" if you have not yet finished.
 9-10-12-Warm up: begin Grammar #1
-Review dynamic characters, foreshadowing
-Complete plot diagrams for "The Most Dangerous Game"
-Begin working on one-chunk paragraphs for "The Most Dangerous Game"
 9-11-12-Warm up: finish Grammar #1
-Example paragraphs
-Finish one-chunk paragraphs
-Review symbolism, conflict, and theme
-Begin reading "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant" on pg. 178
-Grammar #1 quiz Friday
-Finish reading "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant"
-Warm up
-Reading questions 2-4 on pg. 185
-Work on graphic organizer for "The Bass, the River, and Shelia Mant"
-Finish graphic organizer if not yet finished
 9-13-12-Warm up
- Go over graphic organizers for "The Bass, the River, and Sheila Mant"
-Notes on irony and characterization
-Read "The Necklace" and start working on the graphic organizer
-Review for grammar #1 quiz (on the yellow sheet from Monday and Tuesday)
 9-14-12-Grammar Quiz #1
-Finish "The Necklace" graphic organizers
 9-17-12-Grammar #2 warm up
-Go over "The Most Dangerous Game" paragraphs
-Practice leads and commentary, share
-Finish practice for tomorrow's paragraph on "The Necklace" if you did not finish in class
 9-18-12-Grammar #2 warm up
-"The Necklace" paragraphs
-Begin reading "Cask of Amontillado" on pg. 55
 -Finish your paragraph if you didn't finish in class
 9-19-12-Warm up
-Notes on point of view
-Review setting and mood
-Read "The Cask of Amontillado" together
Answer questions 2-5 at the end of the story "The Cask of Amontillado"
-Review grammar #1 and #2
-Go over "Amontillado" questions
-Irony chart
Review for grammar #2 quiz (the green sheet)
-Grammar quiz #2
-Practice theme statements
-Review symbolism
-Begin reading "The Scarlet Ibis"
Finish reading "The Scarlet Ibis"
 9-24-12-Warm up: D.O.L.
-Reading check quiz
-Reading reactions
-Ibis questions 2-5 on pg. 173
-Practice theme statements
-Finish Ibis questions if not completed in class
 9-25-12-Warm up
-Graphic Organizer for "The Scarlet Ibis"
-Begin fishbowl discussion for "The Scarlet Ibis"
 9-26-12-Warm up
-Finish fishbowl discussion
-Review character types
-Begin working on Elements of Literature study guide
Work on Elements of Lit study guide--Go through the list, review the definitions, and find examples from the stories we've read. You will have time to ask questions in class tomorrow, so get through as much as possible.  ELEMENTS OF LIT TEST ON FRIDAY!
 9-27-12-Warm up
-Review for test tomorrow
Study for Elements of Lit test tomorrow!
 9-28-12Elements of lit test
 10-1-12-Grammar #3 warm up
-Paragraph rough drafts
-Check out Fahrenheit 451
 -Finish grammar #3 warm up
-Finish paragraphs
-Character functions chart
-Introduce Fahrenheit 451
Read pages 1-20 F451
-Warm up
-Reading questions in partners
-Finish character charts and turn them in
Read pages 21-40 F451
 10-4-12-Warm up
-Go over answers from yesterday
-Introduce Future Worlds project and choose groups
-Complete problem-solution notes for pages 1-40.
 Read pages 41-60 F451
Computer lab: work on Future Worlds project
Study for Grammar Quiz #3 (Monday)
 10-8-12-Grammar Quiz #3
-Go over proper citations (see handout)
-Sign up for Future Wolds presentation days
-Problem-solution notes discussion
Read pages 61-80 F451
 10-9-12-Warm up
-Character analysis chart
-Characters discussion
Read pages 81-100 F451
 10-10-12-Warm up
-Work on symbol matrix
-Finish symbol matrix if not done in class
Read 101-120
 10-11-12-Warm up
-Quote and comment with discussion
Read 121-140
 10-15-12-Warm up: begin grammar #4
-Society questions
 Finish reading the book
-End of novel questions
-Go over paragraphs
-Begin F451 paragraphs
No new homework
-Finish rough drafts of paragraphs
 No new homework
 10-18-12-Finish peer editing
-Finish final drafts of paragraphs
Finish paragraphs if not yet complete.
 10-19-12-Warm up
-F451 questions
 10-22-12-Warm up
-Discuss F451 questions
-Go over character assessment
-Work on F451 character assessment
 10-23-12-Warm up
-Prepare fishbowl questions
-Finish character chart

Finish character chart if not completed in class
-Finish questions
-Fishbowl discussions
 10-25-12-Finish fishbowl discussion
-Complete theme activity
Finish theme activity if not completed in class
 10-29-12-Warm up
-Check out To Kill a Mockingbird
Read ch. 1 in class

Finish ch. 1, read ch. 2
 -Warm up
-Answer reading questions ch. 1-2
-Work on reading ch. 3
Read ch. 3-4
 10-31-121930's research day
Presentations must be ready on Tuesday, Nov. 6

Complete research no later than 11-5 if not completed in class
Read ch. 5-6
 11-1-12-Warm up
-Go over print sources handout
-Work on questions for ch. 3-4

 Work on research if not yet completed
Read ch. 7-8
 11-2-12-Questions ch. 5-7
Reading time
 Work on research if not yet completed
Read ch. 9-10

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