Mr. Leitch's Class Portal

Welcome to Mr. Leitch's class website!

Throughout the year we will be working to gain a deeper understanding, undying love and mutual respect for the natural and physical world around us. On this site you will be able to find all the resources you will need to be successful in class, and much more. You will find links to the course syllabus, class expectations, class calendar and extra information regarding the subjects we are learning. For contact information and a quick bio, click here. See you in class!

Below you will find links  to the different classes that I teach:

'17-'18 Class Schedule

________Fall                             Winter                         Spring______
                                          P1 -     AP Chem A                   AP Chem B                AP Chem C
                                          P2 -          PREP                              PREP                          PREP
                                          P3 -     AP Chem A                   AP Chem B                AP Chem C
                                          P4 -     Chemistry A                Chemistry B              Chemistry B
                                          P5 -     AP Chem A                   AP Chem B                AP Chem C

Biology                  Chemistry                     Physics

While the links above will take to you general information about the classes, I have recently converted over to Google Classroom due to the accessibility and the ability to send updates that notify the students through e-mail. Here is a link that will take you to the class pages. On this site you will find all the resources and updates to the class. It also works on smartphones!