Mr. Leitch - Room W34 - Sherwood High School

I am currently not teaching Biology.
Check back at a later date and there may be some information here!

In an effort to save paper, I am posting almost everything online unless it is absolutely vital that we have a paper copy. If you would like a hard copy of any of these items, please send me an e-mail or find me at school and I can get you a copy.
Thank you for understanding! 

Syllabus - A quick glance at what this class is about and how it is structured.

Class Expectations - What I expect out of students -- and myself! -- as person, as a student, and as a community member.
Safety Contract -- SAFETY FIRST! Prevention over remedy, inside and outside of the laboratory.
*The safety contract will also be handed out in class. Please sign and return it as well as the checklist.*

Science Signature Checklist - This should have been handed out in class, but in case it runs away.

PowerPoint Slides - Here are all the presentations that we viewed in class.

Handouts - All the handouts that are given in class can be found here (pre-tests, worksheets, rubrics).

Bio Article Resources - This will take you to a page where you can view or download all of the Bio Article resources.

Below you will find the class calendar for projected labs, assignments, and deadlines that will occur throughout the year: 


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