Raychell Rohrwasser

Photo I 3rd Period


Artist:  Francesca Woodman

Technical Skill:

                Woodman has used technical skill in a variety of ways.  I see a deep depth of field, crisp focus and since this is a self-portrait I assume the use of a tripod was used as well.  The image is film so a technical knowledge of developing and printing is needs as well.

Perceptual Skill:

                Woodman used perceptual skill by thinking about how line and the natural lighting would work together as a cohesive image. I also think Woodman really pre-visualized the set-up and execution of this image.  I see the use of natural lighting as a priority.

Aesthetic Skill:

                I see the use of the strong focal point and the use of rule of thirds.  The use of line and patterns are very strong as well.  Contrast of the values of black and whites through the use of natural lighting is also predominant.

Creative Skill:

                I see Woodman pushing herself outside her comfort zone by doing self portraits and really thinking about how she wants herself inside the space to read in the final image.

Conceptual Skill:

                Woodman obviously took the time to plan the location, her positioning in the door and the chair with lighting in this image.  This image reads as a struggle for the person.  It almost reminds be on being crucification of Christ – she has the opportunity to be comfortable in the chair, sitting, resting and yet she is restricted, uncomfortable and using a lot of her strength.