For my created photo, I tried to look at the gas pump from a new angle. I got below it and shot up, making it seem larger and more interesting. I also shot the other side of it, so that I could get the tree in the background to add color without being distracting. I used a lower aperture so that only the subject would be in focus. I think the lines of the pump give it a 3-dimmensional view. I cropped it so that the focal point, the actual spout, was not directly in the center so that it followed the rule of thirds. Because it’s cropped, it makes you question more about what it is and is more overall intriguing since you can’t see the whole thing.  I think the lighting and the shadows really play on the rustic red metal that gives it texture. It’s simple but with attention to a few small details of design, this photograph is way more aesthetically appealing than the first one.




For my taken photo, I shot the gas pump in Old Town Sherwood. It is a cool, historic piece of equipment, but this photo doesn’t really do it justice. I did not consider the composition of this photo to make it appealing. The photo does not follow the rule of thirds because the gas pump is completely centered. I did not pay attention to my background, which is plain and somewhat distracting. I did not use aperture to make my subject stand out. Since I just shot straight on there are no creative angles.  The lighting created some awkward shadows and did not highlight the subject. Overall the photo is not visually appealing and is boring to look at. It makes the viewer question what the purpose of it is, rather than appreciating the creativity of a well composed photograph.