The concept I'm going to do for my final photo project has to do with insomnia. It's something that a lot of people can relate to. There's always stress in people's lives, caused by various things. The people I feel that go through this the most are high schoolers. With the stress of homework, tests, work as well as wanting to get straight A's, it leads our bodies to get less and less sleep. I can relate with the people that go through insomnia because of my sleeping problems caused by stress from school and work. Especially when it gets closer to finals, I can't sleep for the reason that I'm constantly thinking of my classes and how I'm going to do. Which is something that every student can relate to. With this shoot I want to be able to show adults, specifically parents of students, what we go through with stress and how it effects us, since some students might not share how they feel with their parents.


            For technical skills I plan on using slow shutter speed for one of my pictures and the other two to have a fast shutter speed. When it comes to depth of field, I plan on using a deep one, so that everything is in focus and the audience will be able to see every single detail. I'm planning on using a tripod for one of my pictures, but for the other two I shouldn't need one. I want the image to be as focused as it can get, so it will require me to take multiple pictures to get that perfect one. I'm planning on making my pictures black and white because I don't want the colors to distract the audience and for them to pay more attention to the meaning.


            In order to create a more enticing image I'll pay very close attention to aesthetic skill. I'll use angles that can show the emotion of the person and every detail that I want it to, the vantage point. I'll break the rule of thirds for one or two of my pictures because the best way to capture everything I want will be by having the focal point in the middle. I'll be paying close attention to all the elements and principles like line, shape, balance, patterns and all the rest.


            In order to create a strong image, I'll use perceptual skill to look at the whole scene and see what works best. I'll use lighting to add more emphasis on the things I want the viewer to notice more. Also to create shadows on the face as well as others to add a gloomy mood to it. To show the person's true emotion, which isn't happy but stressed and sad.


            I will push my creative boundaries in this shoot by stepping out of my comfort zone. I want the pictures to give me goosebumps every time I see them and everyone else as well. That even though they might be dark pictures, they still get the message across that I want to convey. I will look at every single detail and not just settle with a picture because I think it will convey the message, but because I know it will.