Photography (2D) Portfolio For AP Submission

*Students Who do not plan to submit will still create the Concentration portion

Total Works Needed:  24 Photos 

Section I: Quality                                                                        

5 works – Your 5 best works from you concentration

                *Works demonstrate understanding of 2-dimensional design in concept, composition & execution

     *These 5 works will be printed & physically sent to the AP board for review

1/3 Of Total Score

 Section II: Concentration                                                               

        12 Works

                *Works describes an in-depth exploration of a particular 2D design concern – Your conceptual, cohesive series

                *Clear and simple statement about your concentration           500 Word Max


                *Explanation of how your concentration demonstrates intent & sustained investigation of your concept                                                                       

                                                                                                        1,350 Word Max

               Your proposal should work for this area.  Make sure to review your proposal as you work through your concept.

        1/3 of total score

Section III:  Breadth                                                                         

        12 Works

                *A variety of works demonstrating understanding of 2D design issues – any work showing knowledge and growth – photo I and II work

                *Should show variety in terms of elements & principles of design

                 *Should show diversity in photographic skill

        1/3 of total score