Final Portfolio PowerPoint Presentation 

*Rohr must be emailed OR have a copy shared from google presentations to get full credit on your your Powerpoint portfolio grade.  

Final Portfolios will be shared and discussed with entire class after the exam so make a good one! Make sure you use your HIGH RESOLUTION files or they won't look good in the presentation (pixelated yuck)

Final Portfolio Requirements

All images you submitted for your AP portfolio must be included in the presentation! You must also inlcude the screen shots of your digtial uploads.

The presentation should be organized in the following way

Slides 1-12 Should be ALL of your BREADTH images

Slide 13 Should be your BREADTH screen shot

Slide 14 Should be your Topic Statement

Slide 15 should be your Expanded Topic Statement

Slides 16-27 Should be ALL of your CONCENTRATION images

Slide 28 Should be your CONCENTRATION screen shot

Slides 29-33 Should be ALL of you QAULITY images

My AP Portfolio

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