AP Physics 1

Fall 2014

Sherwood High School

Instructor: Samantha Allen

Room: W-6

Phone: 503-825-5606

Email: Sallen@sherwood.k12.or.us

Office Hours: I am available to assist students outside of class time before and after school daily.




AP Physics 1: Algebra Based and AP Physics 2: Algebra based are two new courses effective fall 2014 that replace the former one-year AP Physics B course. The AP Physics 1 course focuses on the big ideas typically included in the first semester of an algebra-based, introductory college-level physics sequence and it provides students with enduring understandings to support future advanced course work in the sciences. Through inquiry-based learning students will develop critical thinking and reasoning skills, as defined by the AP Science Practices.


Students will cultivate their understanding of physics & science practices as they explore the following topics in AP Physics 1:


        ·  Kinematics

        ·   Newton’s laws of motion

·          Torque

·           Rotational motion and angular momentum*

        · Gravitation and circular motion

·         Work, energy, and power

·          Linear momentum

        ·  Oscillations, mechanical waves, and sound

·         Introduction to electric circuits



Recommended Prerequisites


The AP Physics 1 course is designed to be taught over the course of a full academic year and may be taken as a first-year physics course with no prior physics course work necessary. Students should have completed geometry and be concurrently taking algebra II, or an equivalent course. Although the Physics 1 course includes basic use of trigonometric functions, this understanding can be gained either in the concurrent math course or in the AP Physics 1 course itself.



Course Materials


·         Textbook: Advanced Edition Physics 8e by Cutnell & Johnson

·         Graphing Calculator

·         Notebook

·         Binder (recommended)

Course Grading


·         Unit tests and quizzes will comprise 80% of the course grade. Tests will be given in the same style as the AP test.

·         Labs and Homework will comprise 10% of the course grade. Late work will be awarded half of the credit earned.

·         The course final will comprise 10% of the grade. The final will be given before the AP Physics 1 exam and it will be a practice test for the actual AP test.

·         Letter grades are distributed as follows:

o   90-100% = A

o   80 - 89% = B

o   70 - 79% = C

o   60 - 69% = D

o   0  -  59% = F



Classroom Rules

AP Physics 1 is considered a college course so this class will simulate a college environment which means personal responsibility for your behavior. In general this means be on time, be prepared, and minimize distractions. You will be given a high level of freedom in this class but will also be held to a high level of academic and personal conduct.



AP Physics 1 Exam


In the new AP Physics I Exam students will continue to solve problems mathematically but the use of proportional and symbolic reasoning and the ability to translate between multiple representations will be emphasized.


·         50 multiple-choice questions| 90 minutes

o   45 discrete items and items in sets

o   5 multiple-correct items

o   4 answer choices, each question

·         5 free-response questions| 90 minutes

o   1 experimental design question

o   1 qualitative/quantitative translation

o   3 short-answer questions