Physics B

Instructor: Sammi Allen

Room: W-6


Phone: 503-825-5606



Course Description

This course is a lab-based course designed to focus on conceptual topics in physics – it will prepare students for an introductory physics course at the college level and for AP physics.

The main topics of study include:

Work and energy








Conceptual Physics by Paul Hewitt.


Other Materials

Calculator – you’ll want one with trig functions

Problem Packets – you’ll get them every unit



Students will be graded through homework, labs, quizzes, tests, and a final exam. There will be one quiz per week and the lowest quiz score will be dropped. There are no retakes in Physics B.


The grade breakdown is as followed:

Tests and Quizzes: 80%

Labs and Homework: 10%

Final Exam: 10%


Homework will be reviewed in class and will be graded only on completion, because of this late homework will not be accepted.


There will be opportunities to earn extra points throughout the units and an extra credit assignment at the end of the term.



Procedures, etc.

·         If you are absent consult our unit plans then check the absent binder for notes or past homework solutions.

·         If you miss a lab, schedule a time to make up the lab (this must be done before the unit test).

·         Do not say anything the teacher cannot say.

·         Cell phones may only be used as instructed (examples: videos for labs, timers, online polls, etc.). If they are an issue they will be taken until the end of the period.





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