Sherwood High School

Physical Science A

Fall 2015 Syllabus


Instructor: Samantha Allen

Phone: 503-825-5605


Class Location: W-6

Office Hours: I am generally available to assist students outside of class time before and after school daily.



Course Description 

Physical Science is an introductory lab-based science class designed for freshman.  The first trimester (Physical Science A) focuses on basic chemistry; the second trimester (Physical Science B) focuses on basic physics and astronomy. Students will learn appropriate lab behavior and safety, and will be expected to work in cooperative groups in the science laboratory.  



Holt Science Spectrum – A Physical Approach.
              We have a class set of the textbook and students will be  issued a textbook that they may leave at home    for the trimester.

Lab Packet-

Packets will be distributed at the beginning of each unit.  The student is responsible for maintaining and completing these packets.  These packets include notes, classroom work, homework, activities, worksheets and vocabulary.  These packets MUST be completed in order for the student to retake any test for which he/she wishes to improve his/her performance.  These lab packets contain material that is essential to the success of the student in this class. 

Other Materials-

·     Pen or Pencil

·     Highlighter

·     Calculator [Cell phone calculators will NOT be allowed].  Dollar Tree currently has awesome     scientific calculators for $1!!!

Course Objectives:

Physical Science A will cover ten ODE Science standards.  These include H.3S.1, H.3S.3, H.3S.2, H.2P.2, H.1P.1(A), H.3S.4, H.2E.1 ((B), H.1P.2 (B), H.2P.1 (A), H.2P.1 (B).  The state standards are found on pages 11-13 on the Oregon Department of Education link


Grading Policy:

  1.  Students will have a minimum of three opportunities to demonstrate proficiency in meeting these standards and must demonstrate a given level of proficiency at least two times in order to receive the corresponding grade.  Opportunities may include, but are not limited to, chapter tests, labs, retests and a final exam.  Tests will comprise 80% of the course grade. Letter grades are based on the following percentages at the end of the trimester: A>90%, B>80%, C>70%, D>60%, F>50%
  2. You will have as many days as you are excused absent to make up the work.
  3. It’s your responsibility to find out what you missed.  Use the absent binder for this.
  4. Labs will be made up on designated times and must be finished within a week of due date.
  5. You should expect to take previously announced tests/quizzes upon the day you return.
  6. Because students have multiple attempts to meet a particular proficiency, late work may not be accepted.
  7. Students will be provided with a packet at the beginning of each chapter that is intended to assist them in becoming proficient in each standard.  They are expected to complete all the work assigned in order to be better prepared to demonstrate their learning on the tests and assessments.   In order for a student to retest, he or she must have completed the assignments in the chapter packet.  Students may make arrangements to complete/review the packet material before retesting. 

Classroom Rules:

    1. Only learning materials may be kept at your desk
    2. Respect each other, be courteous and minimize distractions.
    3. The main thing that will get you in trouble is interfering with learning opportunities of others. When you talk, you can't listen... and neither can anyone near you. Preventing classmates from learning is a big issue with me.
    4. Follow all safety protocol.
    5. Cell phones and other electronic devices may NOT be used in class and will be confiscated.
    6. Be on time and ready to work.
    7. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the school rules in the student handbook.


               1. Verbal Warning

               2. Conference with Teacher

               3. Detention and Parent/Guardian Contact

               4. Referral and Parent/Guardian Contact









Please take this home and review it with your parents/guardian.   Sign, date and return the bottom portion. 


I (Print student name)  ______________________________  have read and understand the course policies and have reviewed them with my parents/guardians.


 (Student signature)_______________________________________(Date) _____________________

(Parent/Guardian signature)_________________________________(Date) _____________________