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1. First Trimester Resources

Chapter 2: The Upheaval in Western Christendom, 1300-1560 (The Renaissance and the Reformation)

            Essay on "David"

Luther, Calvin, and the Anabaptists 2015-16

The Reformation in England



Religious Groups - After the Reformation

Renaissance Art Powerpoint 17-18


Chapter 3: The Atlantic World, Commerce and Wars of Religion, 1560-1648

            Colonization Sources Activity: 
                    1. Aztec Source
                    2. de Las Casas Source
                    3. Columbus Source
                    4. de Sepulveda Source

Intro PPT to Discovery

Watch video from 22:37 - 53:22

Guns, Germs and Steel: Conquest

Mercantilism, social classes

French Wars of Religion

The Thirty Years’ War

Chapter 4: The Growing Power of Western Europe, 1640-1715

          Ch. 4 Schedule - 2017-18

            Ch. 4 Test Study Guide 2017-18

Intro Ch4 The Grande Monarche and the Balance of Power2015-16

English Civil War

Hobbes and Locke

Chapter 5: The Transformation of Eastern Europe, 1648-1740

                Ch 5 Study Guide 2017-18

The Formation of A Strong Austrian Monarchy.pptx

A Strong Prussian State Out of Nothing2015-16


Chapter 6: The Scientific View of the World
Chapter 8: The Age of Enlightenment

              Chapter 6 AND 8 Schedule - 17-18

                        Chapter 6 and 8 Study Guide

                        Ch. 6 and 8 Practice Quiz

Intro,Bacon,Descartes,Locke,Natural Law and RightsPPT2016-17.pptx

Scientific Revolution

Scientific Revolution –Questions; Newton - Harvey; Hist Int and Debate

Introduction to the Enlightenment PPT2015-16

Introduction to the Enlightenment PPT2015-16 PART TWO

Enlightened Despots

Chapter 7: The Global Struggle for Wealth and Empire

SAQ Intro.pptx

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