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2. Second Trimester Resources

2017-2018 - Please go to Canvas for schedules and resources

Chapter 9: The French Revolution

Introduction to French Rev2015-16

The Political Spectrum and the French Revolution

The French Revolution Continued PPT2015-16

French National Anthem - La Marseillaise

Chapter 10: Napoleonic Europe

Cont Sys, Cong Vienna, Restoration2015-16

Chapter 11: Industries, Ideas, and the Struggle for Reform, 1815-1848

Romantic ArtArchLiteratureMusic2015-16

The Beginnings of Socialism2015-16

Chapter 12: Revolutions and the Reimposition of Order, 1848-1870,  and
Chapter 13: The Consolidation of Large Nation-States, 1859-1871

1848 Revolutions

The Nation-State, Italy, Germany, Aust-Hung2015-16

Chapter 14: European Civilization, Economy and Politics 1871-1914 and
Chapter 15: European Civilization, Society and Culture, 1871-1914

Unions, Philosophy, Art2015-16


Chapter 16: Europe's World Supremacy, 1871-1914

Imperialism intro PPT2015-16

Crash Course - Imperialism

Chapter 17: The First World War

Introduction to World War I 2015-16.pptx

The Schlieffen Plan.pptx

World War One – maps and charts!.pptx

WWI Propaganda - Images.pptx

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