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3. Third Trimester Resources


STUDENTS: This site is no longer up to date.  See CANVAS for current activities, resources and calendar.

Ch. 18: The Russian Revolution and the Emergence of the Soviet Union

Intro, background to the Russian Revolution2015-16.pptx

Stalin - Five Year Plans.pptx

Ch. 19: Democracy, Anti-Imperialism, and the Economic Crisis 
                After the First World War
Ch. 20: Democracy and Dictatorship in the 1930s

Germany in the Interwar Period 2015-16.pptx

World Economic Collapse PPT2015-16.pptx

Italian Fascism.pptx

Germany’s Third Reich PPT 2015-16.pptx

Ch. 21: The Second World War

Operation Barbarossa Video

Ch. 22: The Cold War and Reconstruction after the Second World War
Ch. 23: Decolonization and the Breakup of the European Empires
Ch. 24: Coexistence, Confrontation, and the New European Economy
Ch. 25: The International Revolt Against Soviet Communism
Ch. 26: Europe and the Changing Modern World

Cold War Beginnings.pptx


The Cold War After The Berlin Airlift PPT 2015-16.pptx

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