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Classroom E-10
Classroom Phone #: 503-825-5540
Office Hours (for help): Monday through Friday 7:30-8:00 AM.  2:50-3:30 PM

Final Exam Grade Calculator
What do you need to get on the final (Once all other grades are entered)?
Instructions:  Enter your current grade (%), the grade you want (%), and the final exam weight (25% in Geometry YL, 20% in Algebra 1B), hit compute

Class Pages
Class Pages with links to the right include:
·        Canvas Homework and Assessment Calendar
·        Help, Hints, and Answer Keys Websites (Updated Daily)
·        Course Syllabus
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Tri 3 Schedule 2018-2019
·      Period 1 
Algebra 1C
·      Period 2 Geometry YL
·      Period 3  Prep
Late Lunch
·      Period 4 Algebra 1C
·      Period 5
Algebra 1C




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