Algebra 1

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Assessment Calendar on Canvas

     Link ---> Canvas  Sign in to Canvas, then click on Calendar

The Assessment Calendar on Canvas includes the dates of upcoming tests and quizzes

Algebra Help, Hints, and Answer Keys

     Link ---> Help, Hints, and Answer Keys (Alg 1, Tri 1) 

The Algebra Help, Hints, and Keys includes:

  • Printable Copies of Homework
  • Hints and videos to help with homework problems and classwork
  • Homework answer keys
  • Learning Goals for every day
  • Dates of Upcoming Individual and Team Assessments

Syllabus                         Link --->Algebra 1 Syllabus (Tri 1)

The following syllabus contains information about Mr. Ulrich's Geometry class including:
  • Supplies Needed
  • Testing policy
  • Homework Policy
  • Grading Policy

Links to CPM etools

4-68 etool (calculating r-value)

Link to Access the Student Ebook (online Textbook)

Online Student Algebra ebook