Resources & Links
Here are some useful websites and resources. Also, don't forget to talk to me about coming in early or after school if you need additional help.

Exprésate Online Textbook 

The textbook links require access to your school Google account.

Here is a PDF version of the 
Level 1 Textbook
Here is a PDF version of the 
Level 2 Textbook
Here is a PDF version of the Level 3 Textbook


Another resource for vocabulary practice is
Search for tgspan to find me or see the class links below:
Spanish 1 Class
Spanish 2 Class
Spanish 3 Class is a great site for practicing verb conjugations. The site also has vocabulary practice. You don't have to create a login but if you want to use 79118 for the School ID. Check out the Spanish verbs section and vocab section.
Generic accounts:
Spanish 1 username: gilessp1 Password: spanish
Spanish 2 username: gilessp2 Password: spanish
Spanish 3 username: gilessp3 Password: spanish

Spanish Language & Culture Activities

This website has a variety of activities for practicing Spanish grammar. is another site for practicing verbs. Check out the trainer section. The conjugator function will show you all the forms of a verb in any tense.

Spanish Verb Book

Barron's Spanish Verbs is an excellent resource for studying verbs. It is available at many bookstores or online. It's usually about $6. It is small, and shows all the forms of one verb.

Translation tools

Google translate can be a helpful tool. Keep in mind that it cannot think for you.
Linguee is a useful website because it uses the words in context and in a variety of different ways.