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"Learn to Code-Change The(Your) World"

Computer Science-Information Systems

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SHS CTE Informational Video        OCSTA SuperQuest Pedagogy Session  

 Course Syllabus List/Links
  1. AP Computer Science
  2. Game Design
  3. Visual Basic
  4. JAVA 
  5. StRUT (students recycling used technology)
  6. Projects
  7. CS Course Offerings
  8. Python
  9. Ruby
  10. HTML/CSS
  11. StRUT online curr. due dates

C++ Learning System-SoloLearn site


SHS student Surveys
  1. Student Info Survey 17-18
  2. Course post-test survey
  3. Course pre-test survey
  4. End of the week survey
  5. TreeHouse-Code Academy Daily report
  6. End of Tri personal assessment
  7. Code Academy signup 
  8. SQL Database survey
  9. Course Change Survey
  10. Robot Arena Match Survey
  11. Quick design Robot Arena
  12. MOOC calibration sheet
  13. Projects Curriculum Survey
  14. Lego Coaching Survey
  15. eSports Signup
 T Talks       
  1. "Regrets" Video  Transcript of video
  2. I fell in a hole-"There's a hole in my sidewalk"
  3. "No arms, no legs, no problem" 
  4. Watering the Bamboo
  5. Randy Pausch-"The Last Lecture" 
  6. I hear Dead People: Who are you "listening" to?
  7. Shaq can't shoot free throws-Improve weakness.
  8. So you want to be a Millionaire? Professional salary vs. ?? over a work life time.
  9. Future Dream-self in 10 years
  10. Walls and hurdles: How bad do you want it?
  11. Do you have the will and the drive to succeed?
  12. Supply and Demand: High pay-High demand careers
  13. I ran over my cat: Leaving a legacy
  14. Don't do they-Do you: Me.inc, be you, every one else is taken.
  15. My Dog Fred: Homeless folks and church
  16. Kung Foo Panda Po: Secret Ingredient Soup
  17. If you do.....do good: One life to live. Doing good to the "least of these" (those in need) ..........
  18. Money tips: Frugal and generous
  19. What are Parents Worth: Take advantage of your parents love. Partner with them by working hard at school.
  20. College funding: AS OT, Dual Enrollment, loans, grants, work, parents...planning
  21. Come early-stay late-do more
  22. Doing kitty things to cats at the Cat shelter: The worth of a letter of recommendation
  23. Be your own best teacher-know your learning style 
  24. Avatar: "I See You"
  25. Flying/Soaring: Link to metaphor list
  26. How Big Is your Dream? Free to Dream

Coding Article Links
  1.  "Why Code" article
  2. Bits/Bytes/Binary
  3. CS Career Opportunities
  4. eSport Article 
  5.  Coding as the new second language
  6.  Link to Yahoo video on coding, jobs and business
  7. Coding Boot Camp Article 

Massive Open Online Courses-MOOC's 



Cyber security camp at Mentor Graphics in Wisonville


Binary Game  You will need to download and "Keep" to play.


Resources for teachers:  

ExamView: Instruction PDF      Download link  2016 SQ Flubaroo Quiz

Bloom's Taxonomy, Bloom's Verbs

Ted Talks Information, motivation and inspiration

Grant resources for teachers

CS Unplugged Cool activities to teach CS concepts without computers 

"No Boys Allowed" classes at Sherwood High School-CBS video

Career Path Funding link to ODE info

CS For All Summit-Whitehouse

 Potential Topics:

1.  SB 290-New Evaluation System: How will student data be used in teacher evaluation?· 290 Framework link 

     ACM/CSTA Standards 
   2. HB 2636 and HB 3232 STEM bills (2015-16 replacement bills are not official yet)
        CTE Revitalization  
   3. MOOC’s…..Massive Open Online Courses
        Turning digital badges into proficiency credit.
        Refer to the links above for some MOOC's
   4. Under-represented populations in CS and engineering
         Girls only tech classes: “NBA”-no boys allowed.  CBS video linking classes: strategies to correct.
         What does Donna say?
   5.  Dual Credit Challenges
· After school clubs for engineering and game design
· Game design curriculum..the good-bad-the ugly
· How to get a CS program started in a middle school and/or high school
· Computer Science curriculum at Sherwood High School·
· Giving HS credit for online MOOC completion (summer study?)
· Increasing CS and engineering graduates from Oregon higher ed.
· Getting industry to financially support our efforts to increase CS and engineering graduates
· Who will replace retiring CS and engineering teachers.
· Should we fast track ed. certification to get more industry based individuals into the classrooms?
· How can we streamline the process to get higher ed. to give credit for proficiency based high school credit for technology classes?
StRUT type hardware programs
Should STEM teachers get paid more?
The state of CS/engineering education in China grades 6-12

Here are a few of the state with CS standards or CS as part of their science standards:

- IN (K-8 connected to science standards): http://www.doe.in.gov/standards/science-computer-science

You can keep up with who has state standards at https://code.org/promote/or