Computer Science Game Design-Programming level 1
Alice 3.1 YouTube tutorials by Matt

GameMaker and Alice will be the game engines used for this course. This class is a "bait and switch" class. My hope is that the students will enjoy game programming and see that a software engineering career might be an option for them. I will then provide opportunities to learn programming through a sequence of languages from Visual Basic to JAVA to Python.

All students will be required to post their work to a Google Site webpage for the world to see. Parents, ask you son/daughter for the link to their page.

Course syllabus/sequence:

  • Google Docs, Forms and Sites-3 days
  • GameMaker-Computer game design using classic games such as Pacman, Brickout, Space Invaders, Mario and driving games-4 weeks
  • Alice-3D, virtual environment, story telling-3 weeks
  • Visual Basic programming or Unity ( weeks

Link to grading rubric

Game Designs Criteria   
  1. Maze Game Self-Grade Survey  
  2. Paddle Game Self Grade Survey
  3. Cave Game Self Grade Survey   
  4. Food Invaders Self Grade Survey  
  5. Battlefield self Grade Survey 
  6. Platform/Jumping Game grade form
  7. Ski/Frogger Assessment
  8. Gallery Arcade Game Self Grade
  9. Unity Fantasy Island Self Assessment Survey
  10. Unity Crater Lake self assessment
  11. Unity Hawaiian Island
  12. Alice Cowboys and Alien scene self assessment