Computer Science Game Design-Programming level 1
Alice 3.1 YouTube tutorials by Matt

GameMaker and Alice will be the game engines used for this course. This class is a "bait and switch" class. My hope is that the students will enjoy game programming and see that a software engineering career might be an option for them. I will then provide opportunities to learn programming through a sequence of languages from Visual Basic to JAVA to Python.

All students will be required to post their work to a Google Site webpage for the world to see. Parents, ask you son/daughter for the link to their page.

Course syllabus/sequence:

  • Google Docs, Forms and Sites-3 days
  • GameMaker-Computer game design using classic games such as Pacman, Brickout, Space Invaders, Mario and driving games-4 weeks
  • Alice-3D, virtual environment, story telling-3 weeks
  • Visual Basic programming or Unity ( weeks

Link to grading rubric

Game Designs Criteria   
Maze Game Self-Grade Survey  
Paddle Game Self Grade Survey
Cave Game Self Grade Survey   
Food Invaders Self Grade Survey  
Battlefield self Grade Survey 
Platform/Jumping Game grade form
Galaxy Game Self Assessment
Ski/Frogger Assessment
Gallery Arcade Game Self Grade
Unity Fantasy Island and Crater Lake Self Assessment Survey
Unity Hawaiian Island
Alice Cowboys and Alien scene self assessment